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Critical value, level of risk

1. (10) The CEO for the Red White and Blue T-Shirt Company expects quality garments produced with a minimum of defective garments. Further, he expects the same quality work from his employees regardless of whether they work in the day or in the evening. To test productivity quickly, he has his shift foremen record the number of defective T-shirts produced in a randomly sampled week. At the 1% level of risk, use your calculator to perform a related-groups test for means. Data are in the table below.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Day Employees 12 5 2 1 10
Evening Employees 8 4 6 5 10
(a) (1) H0:
(b) (1) H1:

(c) (1) Critical Value: t =

(d) (4) Test Statistic (Show procedure.): t =

(e) Decision on H0:

(f) Conclusion on the problem:

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a) (1) H0: μ_1 = μ_2

b) (1) H1: μ_1 ≠ μ_2

c) (1) Critical value: t = 0.01

d) (4) Test Statistic (Show procedure.): t =
Since both the sample sizes n1 = 5 and n2 = 5 are less than 30, we can use the t-test to ...

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A critical value and level of risk for a Red White and Blue T-Shirt Company is examined.