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    Hypothesis Testing

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    Defining the hypothesis tests

    1) a) Which variable in an experiment determines whether to use parametric or nonparametric procedures? b) In terms of the dependent variable, what are the two categories into which all nonparametric procedures can be grouped? 2) a) Why, if possible, should we design a study that meets the assumptions of a parametric proc

    Calculating predictive values of positive tests

    Please give details to solve the following question: Calculate the value based on this information. A new screening test for Lyme disease is developed for use in the general population. The sensitivity (ability to identify infected persons) is 60% and specificity (ability to identify non- infected persons) is 70%. 300 people

    Hypothesis Testing and Population Analysis

    I would like the response to the questions below in excel format, so that I can see the formulas used. 1. In a recent year, the FCC reported that the mean wait for repairs for AT&T customers was 25.3 hours. In an effort to improve this service, suppose that a new repair service process was developed. This new process when use

    The solution gives detailed steps on performing a hypothesis testing (5 step procedure). All the formula and calcuations are shown and explained. An excel output is also included.

    A consumer magazine randomly selected 100 new hybrid car dealers from across the country, and created a list of retail prices. They want to know if the price differs from $25,000. RQ: Is the average hybrid car dealer retail price different than $25,000 with a 95% confidence level? Use Alpha = .05 A. Choose the Hypothesis H1:

    Six Sigma Tools for Testing Statistical Significance

    "Suppose you want to know if a new design of a product is actually better than the current product. For example, your design team is working on increasing the speed of the KX Speed Drill. You have produced a small batch of the new design, the KX2, and you want to know if this speed is faster than the current speed of 17.5 revs p

    Designing a Hypothesis Test

    How do you design a test pilot and what would it look like once finished? The situation I have involves a local clinical practice for individuals who show signs of depression. The doctor has noticed that some of her clients do better when they participate in group interventions, and others make more progress when she sees them

    Testing the Null Hypothesis and Interpreting the P-Value

    Southside Hospital in Bay Shore, New York, commonly conducts stress tests to study the heart muscle after a person has a heart attack. Members of the diagnostic imaging department conducted a quality improvement project with the objective of reducing the turnaround time for stress tests. Turnaround time is defined as the ti

    Important Applications of Statistical Concepts

    Summarize the most important applications of statistical concepts and discuss why these particular concepts are important for decision makers. a. When you create and implement a strategic plan, how would you measure the success of that strategy? b. If you see improvement, how will you know that it is significant? Consider sca

    Various Hypothesis Testing Problems

    Diabetes The insulin pump is a device that delivers insulin to a diabetic patient at regular intervals. It presumably regulates insulin better than standard injections. However, data to establish this point are few, especially in children. The following study was set up to assess the effect of use of the insulin pump on HgbA

    The solution gives detailed steps on performing a chi-square test for checking independence for multiple groups. Also, another chi-square test using expected frequency technique is shown and explained.

    I need to know which equation to use and detailed steps to answer the following question by hand. The following data were collected in a clinical trial evaluating a new compound designed to improve wound healing in trauma patients. The new compound is compared against a placebo. After treatment for 5 days with the new comp

    Hypothesis vs. Theory

    Please help understand these questions: 1) What is the difference between hypothesis and theory? If there is a difference between the two, what comes first - hypothesis or theory? 2) Why is it important to test a hypothesis? Give the rationale. Can we conduct research without hypothesis testing? Can you think of an example

    Hypothesis Testing for Two Samples

    I need help solving the following problems: In this problem set you will get some practice performing hypothesis tests for two samples. If you use Statdisk to perform any portion of these analyses, please include the results, label them, and refer to them accordingly in your interpretations. Good luck and enjoy! 1. Ten

    Statistics Practice Problems

    1) The health of employees is monitored by periodically weighing them in. A sample of 54 employees has a mean weight of 183.9 lb. Assuming that σ is known to be 121.2 lb, use a 0.10 significance level to test the claim that the population mean of all such employees weights is less than 200 lb. Identify the null hypothesis, alt

    Hypothesis Testing for a Single Mean: Fat Content of Hamburgers

    See the attached file. 1. The fat content was determined for 40 hamburgers sold by a fast food restaurant. The results in grams appear below. 20.0 18.7 21.6 20.9 21.8 20.2 19.7 18.9 19.5 21.5 19.3 21.2 18.4 21.0 21.6 20.6 20.7 21.9 20.1 17.1 18.1 21.1 19.3 21.5 20.1 16.5 18.9 17.4 20.8 18.5 21

    Average salary of blue-collar workers

    While negotiating a labor contract, the president of a company argues that the mean annual earnings of blue-collar workers is less than $56,000. The labor union argues that the salary is more than $56,000. A random sample of the annual earnings of 350 blue-collar workers is taken and contained in the file LaborDispute.xls.

    Private colleges in U.S. revealing endowments

    4. Private colleges and universities rely on money contributed by individuals and corporations for their operating expenses. Much of this money is put into a fund called an endowment. A college or university spends only the interest earned by the fund. A recent survey of 8 private colleges in the United States revealed the follo


    Webcredible, a UK-based consulting firm specializing in websites, intranets, mobile devices, and applications, conducted a survey of 1,132 mobile phone users between February and April 2009. The survey found that 52% of mobile phone users are now using the mobile Internet. (Data extracted from "Email and Social Networking Most P

    Determine The Degrees of Freedom Within And Between Group

    I need help finding the degrees of freedom. Can you show me how to get it step bye step without using Excel? (between group and within group) Four different paints are advertised as having the same drying time. To check the manufacturer's claims, five samples were tested for each of the paints. The time in minutes until the p

    Test a claim and STATDISK

    (1) Assume that head injury measurements are not affect by an interaction between type of car (foreign, domestic) and size of car (small, medium, large). Is there sufficient evidence to support the claim that size of the car has an effect on head injury measurements? Use display 1 which results from the head injury measurem

    Using the "Traditional" and "P-Value" Method for Hypotheses

    In both "traditional" and "p- value" method: A simple random sample of 40 recorded speeds(in mi/h) is obtained from cars traveling on a section of highway 405 in Los Angeles. The simple random sample has a mean of 68.4mi/h and a standard deviation of 5.7mi/h. Use a 0.05 significance level to test the claim that the mean speed of

    The solution gives detailed steps of hypothesis testing on mean difference using the example of market research firm. All formula and calculations are shown. Finally, conclusion is stated clearly.

    P 21 A market research firm used a sample of individuals to SELFIII rate the purchase potential of a particular product before and after the individuals saw a new television commercial about the product. The purchase potential ratings were based on a 0 to 10 scale, with higher values indicating a higher purchase potential. T

    The solution gives detailed steps on performing a hypothesis tesing for population proportion using the example of Eagle Outfitters. All 5-steps, formula and calculations are shown and explained.

    Eagle Outfitters is a chain of stores specializing in outdoor apparel and camping gear. It is considering a promotion that involves mailing discount coupons to all its credit card customers. This promotion will be considered a success if more than 10% of those receiving the coupons use them. Before going national with the promot

    Predictors of Salary

    Suppose you went to the Bureau of Labor Statistics web site and found several predictors of your salary. State three possible predictors and a simulated multilinear regression equation along with their p-values. What does your p-values tell you about your predictors?

    Hypothesis Testing and Scatter Plots

    I need help (step-by-step) with the following questions for my upcoming test. (please see attached). Please explain the process of figuring these questions out. I have an upcoming final and I need to know how to do these problems. A random sample of eight quarterback listed in The Sports Encyclopedia: Pro Football, gave the f

    Concluding Mean Waiting Time and Premium Rate

    The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) provides a toll-free help line for taxpayers to call in and get answers to questions as they prepare their tax returns. In recent years, the IRS has been inundated with taxpayer calls and has redesigned its phone service as well as posted answers to frequently asked questions on its website (Th

    Significance level testing: Paying Bills Online

    Over the past few years, banks have strongly promoted online banking and the paying of bills online. In 2003, about 50% of internet users paid bills online. In a recent survey of 250 internet users, 150 said that they pay bills online. At the 5% level of significance, test whether the proportion of internet users paying bills on

    Hypotheses Based on P-Value and Level of Significance

    3. A survey taken showed that among 785 randomly selected subjects who completed 4 years of college, 144 smoke and 641 do not smoke (based on data from the American Medical Association). Use the 0.01 level of significance to test the claim that the rate (proportion) of smoking among those with four years of college is less tha

    Computing Value of Test Statistic

    Consider the following hypothesis test: Ho: u > 20 (( their is a line under this sine >)) Ha: u < 20 A sample of 50 provided a sample mean of 19.4. The population standard deviation is 2. a. Compute the value of the test statistic. b. What i