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    Hypothesis Testing

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    Design of Experiments: Variables, Blocking, Factors, and Effects

    Explain the difference between multiple independent variables and multiple levels of independent variables. Which is better? What is blocking and how does it reduce "noise"? What is a disadvantage of blocking? What is a factor? How can the use of factors benefit a design? Explain main effects and interaction effects. How does a

    Hypothesis Testing: P-Value and Null Value

    This problem contains 4 parts based on the following information (also see attachment). "The Florida Home Energy Commission lists the mean annual air-conditioning (A/C) expenditure for a well-insulated Central Florida home as $1.20 per square foot. Cool Crib Insulation (a home insulation company) is working hard to

    The Calculation of Confidence Interval

    The sale manager for a hardware wholesaler finds that 229 of the previous 500 calls to the hardware store owners resulted in new product placements. Assume these 500 calls represent a random sample. a. What is the upper confidence limit of a 95% confidence interval for the population proportion of new product placements? b.

    Hypothesis Testing: Test Statistic and P-Value

    A pharmaceutical manufacturer is concerned that the mean impurity concentration in pills should not excess 2%. It is known that impurity concentrations follow a normal distribution with a population standard deviation 0.32%. A random sample of 64 pills from a production run was checked, and the sample mean impurity concentration

    Nonparametric Statistics, Chi-Square, etc.

    1. Which national park has more bears? Random samples of plots of ten square miles were taken in different parts of Yellowstone National Park, Yosemite National Park and Glacier National Park. The bear counts per square mile were recorded as shown below: Yellowstone Yosemite Glacier 2 3 8 1

    Testing Hypotheses and Confidence Intervals

    A random sample of size 64 has sample mean 24 and sample standard deviation 4. d. Is it appropriate to use the t distribution to compute a confidence interval for the population mean? Why or why not? e. Construct a 95% confidence interval for the population mean. f. Explain the meaning of the confidence interval you just cons


    THESE ARE SOME OF THE QUESTIONS I AM WORKING ON, IF POSSIBLE CAN YOU PLEASE LET ME KNOW IF MY ANSWERS ARE CORRECT/SOLVE? THANK YOU!! For an ANOVA comparing three treatment conditons, what is stated by the null hypothesis (Ho)? * at least one of the 3 population means is different from another mean * none of these choices

    Business Statistics (3 Part Questions)

    Writing Hypotheses Read the situation. Then write the hypotheses in correct mathematical notation. Do not conduct any statistical tests. Just write the hypotheses. Insert your answers between the problems. Here are some things to keep in mind: 1) On the Hypothesis Testing Worksheet, all you need to do is write the null

    One Factor ANOVA Using Excel

    Based on the amount of time spent on Facebook, students are classified into 3 groups and their grade point averages are recorded. The following data show the typical pattern of results. FACEBOOK USE WHILE STUDYING NON-USER RARELY U

    ANOVA (Tukey HSD)

    Please help me with this question if possible. Thank you! The following is hypothetical data similar to the actual research results about birds. The numbers represent relative brain size for the individual birds in each sample. NON-MIGRATING SHORT DISTANCE MIGRANTS LONG DISTANCE MIGRANTS

    Step-by-Step One Way Analysis of Variance (ANOVA)

    I have been working on this, Can anyone help me with this? In easy to understand terms? ANOVA (One-Way Analysis of Variance) 1. A psychologist would like to investigate the relative effectiveness of three therapeutic techniques for treating mild phobias. A sample of 15 individuals who demonstrate a moderate fear of spider

    Repeated Measure Study

    For which of the following situations would a repeated measures research design be appropriate? * comparing verbal solving skills for science majors vs art measures * comparing math skills for girls vs boys at age 10 * comparing pain tolerance with and without acupuncture needles ( i chose this one) * comparing self esteem f

    T Test on Mean Difference and Computing R Squared

    Masculine themed words are frequently used in job recruitment materials, especially for job advertisements in male-dominated areas. the same study found that these words also make the jobs less appealing to women. in a similar study, female participants were asked to read a series of job advertisements and then rate how interest

    Sample Size, Sample Error, and Sum of Squares

    On average, what value is expected for the t statistic when the null hypothesis is true? *1 *1.96 *0 (?) *t>1.96 What is the sample variance and the estimated standard error for a sample of n=9 scores with SS= 72? *s2=3 and sM=3 *s2 and sM= 1 *s2=9 and sM=3 (?) *s2=3 and sM=1 Which set of characteristics will produ

    T-test for a Sample Height

    From literature research, a physiologist learns that the national average height for male college students is 70 inches. Twenty randomly-chosen male students at AWC had the following heights: 68, 71, 73, 66, 65, 68, 58, 63, 77, 57, 69, 63, 64, 59, 74, 72, 70, 64, 56, 72 At α = 0.05, do male college students at AWC

    Independent Sample Testing of Hypothesis

    please help me solve this in simple steps. thank you. A researcher conducts an independent-measures study comparing two treatments and reports the t statistics as t(25)= 2.071. How many individuals participated in the entire study? use a two tailed test with o=.05 and the distributions tool below to determine if there is s

    Computing Pooled Variance and Standard Error for 2 Sample Means

    Two separate samples, each with n=15 individuals, receive different treatments. After treatment, the first sample has SS=1740 and the second has SS=1620. The pooled variances for the two samples is _________. Compute the estimated standard error for the sample mean difference. Estimated s(M1-M2)=________ If the sample mean

    Computing Standard Error and Explaining T and Z Distribution

    Can you please help me with these questions? Some I have attempted to answer. Please let me know if they are right or wrong. Find the estimated standard error for the sample mean for each of the following samples. (Use one decimal place) n=4 with SS = 48 _______ n=6 with SS= 270 _________ n= 12 with SS= 132 _____

    Explaining the difference between standard deviation and standard error

    Under what circumstance is a t statistic used instead of a z-score for hypothesis test? - when o is known - when o is unknown (this is the one i had chosen) - when o is small - when o is large A sample of n=25 scores has a mean of M= 83 and a standard deviation of s=15. Explain what is measured by the sample standard devi

    Six basic statistics questions regrading hypothesis testing

    A two tailed hypothesis test is being uses to evaluate a treatment effect with o= .05. if the sample data produce a z- score of z= -2.24 what is the correct decision? * reject the null hypothesis and conclude that the treatment has an effect * fail to reject the null hypothesis and conclude that the treatment has no effect

    Type I and II error

    Can you please let me know if I answered these word questions correctly. My book isn't exactly to the point. i understand if you can't. Thank you You complete a hypothesis test using o=.05 and based on the evidence from the sample, your decision is to reject the null hypothesis. which of the following is true? * you have m

    Explaining 6 Basic Statistics Questions on Hypothesis Testing

    I am just wanting someone to see if answered these word questions correctly. My book isn't exactly to the direct point. I understand if your unable to. Which of the following accurately describes the critical region? * outcomes with a high probability if the null hypothesis is true * outcomes with very low probability if t

    Hypothesis Test with Cohen's d

    In a study examining the effects of alcohol on reaction time it was found that even moderate alcohol consumption significantly slowed the response time to an emergency situation in a driving simulation. In a similar study researchers measured reaction times 30 minutes after each participant consumed 6 ounces of wine. Again they

    Hypothesis Testing Method

    1. Let take for example that research in your area was providing behavior therapy with people who have neurological problems: Imagine that you are in charge of a research Assignment, and can choose to do research on anything. a). What research question would you create? b). Write out your research question and explain an

    Run a two-way ANOVA in SPSS

    I need help with someone who can run a Two-Way ANOVA using SPSS software and include appropriate results only based on the information provided in the attachments. Please explain and evaluate the SPSS results. Please see attachments I up loaded all the data needed to perform an SPSS two-way ANOVA. Research Question for

    Statistics project based on hypothesis testing

    Your Project should be complete and contain sections entitled: Hypotheses: this section should contain the hypothesis or hypotheses that you tested.This section should be 1 to 2 pages in length. Research Design: this section should clearly define the independent variable(s), the levels of such, and the dependent variable(

    SPSS: One way and Two way ANOVA

    Please see attachments for full problem description 1. Compare the different Ethnicities of students in the Stat_Grades.sav class to determine if there is a statistically significant difference in the average Final Examination points between the different ethnicities. Be sure to state the hypothesis, state Ho and Ha, includ

    One-Way & Factorial ANOVA using SPSS

    Whenever there are two independent variables and each independent variable has multiple groups, the most appropriate statistical test to use to compare these means and interactions is the two-way (factorial) ANOVA. Please see attachments: