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    Excel Cake Mix

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    Copy the Assignment Data (i.e., cake mix data) to Sheet 1, cells A1:P32, of a new Excel workbook.

    Select the most appropriate hypothesis test described in Sections 4.3 and 4.5 to evaluate the following null hypothesis using this worksheet: There is no difference in mean grams of sugar between name brands and generic brands of packaged cake mixes. (Note: variable Type, 1=brand name, 2=generic; assume normality and equal variances.) The tests in 4.3 and 4.5 are F Test of Equality of Variance, Independent T Test, dependent t test, wilcoxon matched pair signed ranks test, related samples sign test, and mcnemar test.

    Cell A34: Name of most appropriate hypothesis test to evaluate the null hypothesis.

    Cells B35:E35: Enter the following labels: Sample Size, Mean, Standard Deviation, Variance.

    Cells A36:A38: Enter the following labels: Brand-name, Generic, Sample. (Hint: these are the descriptive statistics for each of the two groups that are compared as well as the overall sample descriptive statistics.)

    Cells B36:E38: Enter appropriate formulas to display the required statistics based on adjacent labels.

    Cell B40: Enter the following label: Statistics.

    Cells A41:A47: Enter the following labels: Pooled variance, Mean difference, SE difference, df, appropriate test statistic (equal variances), p-level (2-tailed), appropriate effect size.

    Cells B41:B46: Enter formulas to display the required statistics based on adjacent labels. Format cells to round to two decimal places.

    Cell B48: Enter the statistical decision regarding the null hypothesis (i.e., reject or fail to reject the null hypothesis). (Note: Use the .05 significance level.)

    Cell B50: Enter test results using APA style (make sure to include informationally adequate statistics). Use adjacent cells as appropriate. (Note: you will not be able to italicize abbreviations and symbols.)

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