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    Hypothesis Testing

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    Statistics and Hypothesis Testing

    I need help understanding the results. I can't interpret the results and their differences. I attached the whole project so you can see what I am talking about. Results Section : a. The data should be explained in narrative form including what (of importance) was or was not statistically significant. c. Ad

    Statistics Problem: Are Visa's new ads successful?

    In 2006, Visa wanted to move away from its long running television advertising them of "Visa, it's everywhere you want to be." During the Winter Olympics, Visa featured Olympians in commercials with a broader message, including security; check cards, and payment technologies such as contactless processing. One of the first comme

    Short Statistics Problems

    3. A chemical engineer is investigating the effect of process operating temperature on product yield. The study results in the following data; use your knowledge of least squares regression to construct a linear model for predicting yield from temperature. These data apply throughout question 3. Temp(Celsius) Yield (

    Review of a Statistics Article on Death Certificates

    Using the attached article, please help me respond to the following questions: 1. What is the main purpose and hypothesis of the study? 2. Develop a pictorial representation of the relationship between the variables that the authors studied. Include the level of measurement (nominal, ordinal, interval/ratio) for each identi

    Probability, hypothesis testing and confidence intervals

    What is an important similarity between the uniform and normal probability distributions? A. The mean, median and mode are all equal. B. The mean and median are equal. C. They are negatively skewed. D. About 68% of all observations are within one standard deviation of the mean. The distribution of the annual incomes of a

    Hypothesis Testing - Heating and Oil Company

    The director of Heating and Oil at Superior Oil Company is concerned about the high cost of home heating oil being offered to their customers for the upcoming Fall season in Philadelphia, PA. The company has no possibility of modifying the oil price under the current economic conditions. He believes that the company should off

    Alternative Hypothesis and Level of Significance

    Please help me with the following: 1. Write a correct alternative hypothesis for: Ho: µ ? 35. 2. Answer "True" if the statement is always true. If the statement is not always true, replace the words shown in bold with words that make the statement always true. The (1 ? ?) is known as the level of significance of a hypothe

    Hypothesis Testing Sample Questions

    1. Measurements of the left handed and right handed gripping strengths of twelve left handed persons are recorded as follows. PERSON 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 LEFT HAND 140 90 125 130 95 121 85 97 131 110 98 109 RIGHT HAND 138 87 110 132 96 120 86 90 129 100 101 117 We wish to test whether left handed persons have greater

    Calculating sample size based on population proportion

    With a 90% confidence interval, what size sample would we need based on the proportion of population in proportion to sample size? Null hypothesis: There is a taste difference between the two brands so consumers will be able to identify the difference in brand seventy percent of the time. The alternate null hypothesis assert

    Cost Curve Anaylsis

    You have been presented with the following cost data table and asked to fit a statistical cost function. Quantity | 10 | 20 | 30 | 40 | 50 | 60 | 70 | 80 |

    Data analyses

    Attached are data from 2 populations; the first population consists of subjects numbered Combined-POS-1 thri 156 that have been tested for CD4 % LYMPHOCYTES (pos) WBC (X1000/ul) (pos) HB (g/dl) (pos) PLATELETS (x1000/ul) (pos) The second population consists of subjects numbered Combined-NEG-1 There are 642 that have al

    Data Analysis: Oreo and Market Pantry Cookies

    Fort he attached data set perform a z-test for proportion and z-test for both brand names. Find the cutoff value for z, sample proportion, standard error, confidence intervals, one and two-tailed test, critical values, and lower/upper limits.

    Life expectancy hypothesis testing

    On a sample of 50 US married couples, it has been found that on average females live longer (80 years) than males (75 years). a) Using the fact that the corresponding standard deviations are thought to be σ female = 3 and σ male = 4 years respectively, determine if this data indicate that female live longer than males, us

    True Correlation Significant

    Size of Data Set: 100 Regression equation/line: Y=11.20816-0.1098466x Slope is -0.1098466 The y-intecept is 11.20816 Sum of Regression Bar Errors^2=16.6051535247 Sum of YBar Errors=188.830557742 R/correlation coefficient: -0.955020 R^2/coefficient of determination:= 0.912063 X and Y values from the Scatter Plot Points

    Hypothesis Testing and Assessing Levels of Significance

    Perform the following hypothesis tests on the data in spreadsheet HW #1. State the conclusion of the hypothesis tests. The level of significance is 0.05 in each test. 1. The claim that the average Median SAT is over 1200. 2. The claim that the proportion of schools with Expenditures/Student over $50,000 is 0.2. 3. The claim

    Statistics Problem Set: Buena School District Bus

    1. In a market test of a new chocolate raspberry coffee, a poll of 400 people from Dobbs Ferry showed 250 preferred the new coffee. In Irvington, 170 out of 350 people preferred the new coffee. To test the hypothesis that there is no difference in preferences between the two villages, what is the alternate hypothesis? a. H1: p1

    Sampling and Hypothesis Testing Questions

    1. Find the critical value X2 0.99 associated with a X2 curve with 10 degrees of freedom. 2. Find the critical value having an area of 0.05 to its right for an F-curve with 8 numerator degrees of freedom and 15 denominator degrees of freedom. 3. A random sample of 100 adults was recently gathered in order to explore a poss

    Do actively managed funds fail to outperform the overall market?

    It is believed that most actively managed funds fail to outperform the overall market. To empirically test this statement, an analyst has collected the following secondary data to examine whether or not the mean return of an index which represents all the actively managed funds in the market is statistically different from the a

    Statistics Problem: Bacteria in Carpeted Rooms

    Researchers wanted to determine if carpeted rooms contained more bacteria than uncarpeted rooms. To determine the amount of bacteria in a room, researchers pumped the air from the room over a Petri dish at a rate of 1 cubic foot per minute for eight carpeted rooms and eight uncarpeted rooms. Colonies of bacteria were allowed to

    Conducting and Econometrics Analysis

    Please see the attached file. An investigator analysing the relationship between food expenditure, disposable income and prices in the US using annual data over the period 1959-83 computes the following regression log(FOOD) = 4.7377 + 0.1069TIME + 0.3506log(PDI) - 0.5086log(PRICE) (0.6805) (0.0033) (0.0899

    Statistics Problem Set: Confidence Level

    1) For the following sequence: 2,4,7,3,9,4,7,11 find the range, mode, median, mean, IQR, standard deviation, variance and whether it is normally distributed (with explanation) 2) An investor wants to assess at confidence level of 98% if a medicament can improve the marks of students. He notices that for the following daily

    Using Statistics to Analyze a Scenario

    Scenario: You are interested in researching a new ambulance dispatching method. The new method is supposed to be more efficient and uses half the communications personnel of the old method, saving over $300,000 annually. You want to know how the new method compares to the old method in terms of how many minutes it takes ambulanc

    Interpreting the P-Value

    In 280 trials with a professional touch therapist, correct responses to a question were obtained 1223 times. The P-value of 0.979 is obtained when testing the claim that p > 0.5 (the proportion of correct responses is greater than the proportion of 0.5 that would be expected with random chance). What is the value of the sample p

    SPSS Experimental Analysis - Diet of Rats

    See the attached file. A researcher interested in studying the effects of three experimental diets with varying fat contents on the total lipid (fat) level in plasma collected the data in the file FatInDiet.txt. Fifteen male subjects who were within 20 percent of their ideal body weight were grouped into five blocks accor

    Statistics Problem: Patient Illness

    A study was performed on patients with a particular illness. The standard deviation of the weights of 12 patients with the illness was 21.4 kg. A control group of 5 patients without this illness had a standard deviation of the weights of 12.4 kg. Prove if the weights of the patients with this illness are (or are not) more vari

    Statistics Problem: Mean Wait Time

    A bank manager has developed a new system to reduce the time customers spend waiting for teller service during peak hours. The manager hopes that the new system will reduce waiting times from the current 9 to 10 minutes to less than 6 minutes. Suppose that the manager wishes to use 100 waiting times to support the claim that th

    Hypothesis Testing: Milk Volume Example

    Quart cartons of milk should contain at least 32 ounces. A sample of 22 cartons contained the following amounts in ounces. 31.5 32.2 31.9 31.8 31.7 32.1 31.5 31.6 32.4 31.6 31.8 32.2 32.1 32.1 31.6 32.0 31.6 31.7 32.0 31.5 31.9 32.8 a) What set of hypotheses should be tested if we want to demonstrate th

    Standard Deviation, Average Number & P-Value Questions

    1) The club professional at a difficult public course boasts that his course is so tough that the average golfer loses a dozen or more golf balls during a round of golf. A dubious golfer sets out to show that the pro is fibbing. He asks a random sample of 15 golfers who just completed their rounds to report the number of golf