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Assembly Line Question

Question: Three assembly lines are used produce a certain component for an airliner. A random sample of six hourly periods are chosen for each assembly line and the number of components produced during these periods for each line is recorded. The output from a statistical software package is:

Groups A - Count-6, Sum-250, Average-41.66667, Variance-0.266667
Groups B - Count-6, Sum-260, Average-43.33333, Variance-0.666667
Groups C - Count-6, Sum-249, Average-41.5, Variance-0.7

Source of variation SS df MS F p-value
Between Groups 12.33333 2 6.166667 11.32653 0.001005
Within Groups 8.166667 15 0.544444
Total 20.5 17

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Level of Significance: 0.05 (95% confidence level)
Decision Rule: Reject H0, if p-value < 0.05
As the p-value (0.001005) is much smaller than the significance level (0.05), we reject the null hypothesis. We conclude that there is sufficient evidence, at the 0.05 ...