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    Weight Analyzation of Boston vs Vermont Shingles

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    The manufacturer of Boston and Vermont asphalt shingles knows that product weight is a major factor in the customer's perception of quality. Moreover, the weight represents the amount of raw materials being used and is therefore very important to the company from a cost standpoint. The last stage of the assembly line packages the shingles before they are placed on wooden pallets. Once a pallet is full (a pallet for most brands holds 16 squares of shingles), it is weighed, and the measurement is recorded. The data file "Pallet" (attached) contains the weight (in pounds) from a sample of 368 pallets of Boston shingles and 330 pallets of Vermont shingles. Completely analyze the differences in the weights of the Boston and Vermont shingles, using a=0.05

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    step 1: Null hypothesis (Ho): u1=u2 (u1 is the mean weight of the Boston shingles, u2 is the mean weights of the Vermont shingles)
    Alternative hypothesis (Ha): u1 =/ u2
    step 2: This is a two tailed t test.
    The degree of freedom is ...

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    The weight analyzation of Boston versus Vermont Shingles are examined.