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    Training vs. education

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    Based on what I've read, there is scientific data that supports the theory that training and education are different. However, I don't see a huge difference between the two. Where can I find creditable and reliable information on the differences between training and education? Examples will help. I need a concrete experience! :)

    Background: One of the Departments in my organization consistently states that they 'educate' as oppose to train. My position is that they do both...

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    Let me give you some sites and then I will give you some examples.

    http://www.arma.calgary.ab.ca/pdfs/Education%20Report2007/Appendix%2024.pdf This is an essay on the difference between education and training done by the Records Management department at ARMA.
    One of the big differences here is that training is run by the company; education is run more by the learner. ...

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