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    Education vs. Training

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    1. What is the difference between educating and training? When do you, or should you, use each? Name examples in your life when you have received each type.

    2. When teaching/ training a course, what are some of the ways to connect with your audience? Have you used any of these? Have you been in a class in which the instructor used any of these? If so, when?

    3. Which method do you feel helps establish a connection with your audience - Storytelling, hands-on training, or questioning? Please explain.

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    What is the difference between educating and training?

    Educating is the comprehensive study of a particular field or subject area. Training per se would be the specialized training in an area within a field or subject area. The difference between training and educating is that educating would be the general study of a field without specialization in any particular subject or area within that field. Training is, of course, an in-depth hands-on instruction with particular emphasis on a special area within the comprehensive field of study.

    When should Training and Educating be used?

    Both of these areas of concentration should be used. Always remember that we are continually educating ourselves with the general knowledge that we experience everyday. As an educator, I instruct students on the basic knowledge of math, English, social studies, history, etc. When I train someone, I would pick an area within each one of those subjects and go into that specialized area with instruction and application of the ...

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