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    Hypothesis Testing

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    Business Statistics: Vacation Occupancy Rates

    Vacation occupancy rates were expected to be up during March 2008 in Myrtle Beach, SC. Data in the file Occupancy will allow you to replicate the findings presented in the newspaper. The data show units rented and not rented for a random sample of vacation properties during the first week of March 2007 and 2008. 1) Estimate t

    Hypothesis Testing: Playbill Magazine

    Given the following case scenario: In 2010, Playbill Magazine contacted Boos Allen to determine the mean annual household income of its readers. Using a list of customers provided by Playbill, Boos Allen randomly sampled 300 Playbill customers. From that sample, Boos Allen is confident that the population average Playbill rea

    Variety of Statistics Problems

    I have attached a series of statistical problems. Please provide as much detail as possible. I want to double check my answers for each question. 1. A chain of health-food stores is determining the relationship between the number of times its commercial is broadcast on radio or television weekly and the weekly sales volume.

    CBT and Psychodynamic Therapy

    ** Please see the attached file for the complete problem description ** Compare the outcomes for CBT and psychodynamic therapy. Data included in the attachment. Identify the appropriate null and research hypotheses and, with alpha = .05, the critical value. What can you conclude?

    College Basketball

    College basketball is big business, with coaches' salaries, revenues, and expenses in millions of dollars. The data in the file Colleges-basketball (attached) contains the coaches' salaries and revenues for college basketball at selected schools in a recent year (data extracted from R. Adams, "Pay for Playoffs,"The Wall Street J

    Scatter Diagram and Linear Relationship

    Suppose that you have the following data x 3 5 2 6 1 4 y 25 110 9 250 3 71 a) Draw the scatter diagram. Does it appear that x and y are related? If so, how? b) Test to determine whether there is evidence of a linear relationship.

    Hypothesis Testing with Two Samples

    See the attached fil 10.9 A problem with a telephone line that prevents a customer from receiving or making calls is disconcerting to both the customer and the telephone company. The data in the file PHONE represent samples of 20 problems reported to two different offices of a telephone company and the time to clear these

    Hypothesis Testing With Single Samples

    1. If you use a 0.10 level of significance in a (two-tail) hypothesis test, what is your decision rule for rejecting a null hypothesis that the population mean is 500 if you use the Z test? 2. Do students at your school study more, less, or about the same as at other business schools? Business Week reported that at the top

    Level of Significance (Human Body Temperature Test)

    In an article in the Journal of Statistics Education (vol. 4, no. 2, 1996), Allen Shoemaker describes a study that was reported in the Journal of the American Medical Association.* It is generally accepted that the mean body temperature of adult humans is 98.6 degF . In his article, Shoemaker uses the data from the JAM

    Hypothesis Testing and Statistical Calculations

    1. HO: µ = 70 H1: µ > 70 ? = 20, n = 100, xbar = 80, ? = .01 a) calculate the value of the test statistic b) set up the rejection region. c) determine the p-value d) interpret the results attach file please 2. Draw the operating characteristic curve for n = 10, 50, and 100 for the following test: Ho: ? = 400

    Infant Death and Mortality Rates

    Is there a significant relationship between the death of infants by race and the cause of death? Infant deaths and mortality rates for the top 3 leading cause of death for African Americans, 2007. (Rates per 100,000 live births) Cause of Death # African African American Non-Hispanic Non-Hispanic Afric

    Statistics - Testing with SPSS

    A home improvement store recently purchased a new paint color-mixing machine. The machine is rated to produce 6 gallons of mixed paint every minute. The store's manager suspects that the machine is underperforming. In order to test his hypothesis, the manager tests the machine's output by mixing 10 randomly chosen colors and me

    Statistics: Sex, Weight, GPA, Smoker and Arm and Leg Length

    1) Test of two means. You should select a hypothesis you are interested in testing and then use a test of two means to test this hypothesis. For example, you may be interested in testing whether the GPA of females is higher than that of males in that class. One is going to draw the inference by using a random sample with repl

    Hypothesis Testing Problem and Locally Optimum Test

    Consider the samples x1, ..., xN which satisfy the following model (see the attachment). x_n - sqrt(0) + w_n; n = 1, ..., N where [w_n] is i.i.d. with corresponding pdf f(w). We are interested in distinguishing between the two hypothesis Ho: theta = 0 and H1: theta > 0. Examine whether a locally optimum test exists that ca

    Breaking Strength of Wool Serge Material

    The quality control director for a clothing manufacturer wants to study the effect of machines on the breaking strength (in pounds) of wool serge material. A batch of the material is cut into square-yard pieces, and these are randomly assigned, 12 each, to the three machines chosen specifically for the experiment. The results ar

    Weight Analyzation of Boston vs Vermont Shingles

    The manufacturer of Boston and Vermont asphalt shingles knows that product weight is a major factor in the customer's perception of quality. Moreover, the weight represents the amount of raw materials being used and is therefore very important to the company from a cost standpoint. The last stage of the assembly line packages th

    Statistical Analysis and P-Value

    A clinical psychologist is treating 25 patients with clinical depression. She wants to find out whether these patients score differently than the general population on an emotional response scale with a population mean, ?= 9.5. She is only interested in whether there is a difference, but not in the direction of the difference a

    Null and Alternative Hypothesis for ABC

    1) The average salary of managers in the advertising industry is $180,000 per year. Suppose we would like to take a sample of managers at a new company ABC, to see whether the mean annual salary is different from that of the industry. State the null and alternative hypotheses. 2) Suppose a sample of 40 managers at ABC showed

    Dummy Variables Required

    Please reference attachments to answer the following: Choose Data1 or Data2, and work the following problems: The number of dummy variables is the number of levels of the categorical variable less one because the one left out is quantified by the intercept. Each coefficient of the dummy variables effects a shift in the in

    Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA)

    The data in below represent the closing value of the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) over the 29 year period from 1979 through 2007. Year Coded Year DJIA 1979 0 838.7 1980 1 964.0 1981 2 875.0 1982 3 1046.5 1983 4 1258.6 1984 5 1211.6 1985 6 1546.7 1986 7 1896.0

    Smoking in the US: Hypothesis Testing

    Smoking in the United States: Does the survey of the previous question provide good evidence that less than ¼ of all American adults smoked in the week prior to the survey? a. State the hypotheses to be tested b. If your null hypothesis is true, what is the sampling distribution of the sample proportion p-hat? Sketch this d

    Setting up variables in SPSS

    Ten people were give two tests of balance, first while standing on level ground, and then while standing on a 30 degree slope. Their scores follow. Set up the appropriate variables, and enter the data into SPSS. Participant 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Score standing on level ground 56 50 41 65 47 50 64 48 47 55 Score standing on

    Evaluating Types of Therapy & Results Reported in a Quantitative Study

    I'm having problems with these questions. I would like to have the explanations along with solutions. 1. Foa, Rothbaum, Riggs, and Murdock (1991) conducted a study evaluating four different types of therapy for rape victims. The Stress Inoculation Therapy (SIT) group received instructions on coping with stress. The Prolong

    Hypothesis Testing: One Sample Tests

    Question: The amount of water consumed each day by a healthy adult follows a normal distribution with a mean of 1.20 liters. A sample of 10 adults after the campaign shows the following consumption in liters: - 1.34 1.32 1.38 1.40 1.70 1.40 1.32 1.90 1.38 1.36 At the 0.10 significance level, can we conclu

    One Sample Hypothesis Testing on Average Weekly Tips

    At the time she was hired as a server at the Grumney Family Restaurant, Beth Brigden was told, "You can average $72 a day in tips." Assume the population of daily tips is normally distributed with a standard deviation of $2.45. Over the first 34 days she was employed at the restaurant, the mean daily amount of her tips was $73.0

    Hypothesis Testing on Motor Vehicle Accidents Among College-Age People

    A random sample of 400 college students was selected and 120 of them had at least one motor vehicle accident in the previous two years. A random sample of 600 young adults not enrolled in college was selected and 150 of them had at least one motor vehicle accident in the previous two years. At the .05 level, you are testing whet

    Evaluating Hypothesis Testing

    Scenario: The manager of a package courier service believes that packages shipped at the end of the month are heavier than those shipped early in the month. As an experiment, he weighed a random sample of 20 packages at the beginning of the month. He found that the mean weight was 20.25 pounds and the standard deviation was 5.84

    Assembly Line Question

    Question: Three assembly lines are used produce a certain component for an airliner. A random sample of six hourly periods are chosen for each assembly line and the number of components produced during these periods for each line is recorded. The output from a statistical software package is: Summary: Groups A - Count-6, Su

    Analyzing research data

    Attached is a simple spreadsheet I've compiled about the 21 commercial aircraft accidents in the US since 1972 that have at least one survivor and one death. I need help coming up with some good stats. Meaning, please look at the data and crunch the numbers to determine where/if it is safer to sit in the front or the back during