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Intrepeting Research - Independent Samples t-Test With SPSS

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My assignment requires me to do a practice comparison of the means of two sample populations related to one particular variable. Using SPSS, I elected to do my population samples about gender: Female vs. males. The research was about which gender amongst the population researched make the highest income. I am having trouble reading/understanding/interpreting the results of the data. I have answered some of the questions but the following questions I am not sure of, can someone help me. The questions are below and a copy of the Output Results from SPSS is attached.

State the statistical assumptions for this test.
Using the data set you have selected, select independent and dependent variables.
Develop the null and the alternative hypothesis.
Use the SPSS to calculate an independent-samples t-test.
Report on the p-value and the confidence interval.
Interpret the confidence interval.
Decide whether to reject or retain the null hypothesis.

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The following posting helps with problems that involves interpreting t-tests using the software SPSS.

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