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Independent Samples t-Test - Sample Problem

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At some vacation destinations, "all-inclusive" resorts allow you to pay a flat rate and then eat and drink as much as you want. There has been concern about whether these deals might lead to excessive consumption of alcohol by young adults on spring break trips. You decide to spend your spring break collecting data on this issue. Of course, you need to take all of your friends on this funded research trip, because you need a lot of research assistants! You collect data on the number of drinks consumed in a day by people staying at all-inclusive resorts and by those staying at non-inclusive resorts. Your data include the following: All-inclusive resort guests: 10, 8, 13 Non-inclusive resort guests: 3, 15, 7

a. Conduct all six steps of an independent-samples t-test. Be sure to label all six steps.
b. Report the statistics as you would in a journal article.
c. Was there a shortcut you could or did use to compute your hypothesis test?
d. According to SPSS, the actual p value for the test statistic is .687. Use Excel to determine prep.

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The following posting helps with various problems involving independent samples t-tests. Step by step calculations are provided for each.

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