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Hypothesis Testing - APA format results for t test

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A researcher studied the effect of television violence on concentration of a particular blood chemical. In this study, 40 participants were measured over a period of an hour prior to watching a violent show and then immediately after. In the results section, the researcher writes: "There was a significant decline in blood concentration from a mean of 13.41 (SD=2.48) to 12.38 (SD=2.69), t(39)=3.38, p<.01 (one tailed)."

Can you explain this result (including the underlying logic of the computations) to me who understands hypothesis testing involving a single sample and a known population, but knows nothing about t tests?

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Here we have two samples such as

Prior watching a violent show and after watching a violent show

(*Example of how to arrange the data is found in the ...

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