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Mean difference and P value questions

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2. The table below provides data on the theoretical calculated and experimental test values of the vapor pressures for dibenzothiophene, a heterocyclloaromatic compound similar to those found in coal tar. If the theoretical model for vapor pressure is a good model of reality, the true mean difference between the experimental and calculated values of vapor pressure for a given temperature will be 0. (a) State the correct hypothesis that the mean difference equals zero (0) and conduct the hypothesis test at α = 0.05. (b) Interpret the pvalue for the test.

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Part (a)

Null Hypothesis (Ho): There is no significant difference between the mean experimental and calculated values of vapor pressure for a given temperature. (μ1 = μ2)

Alternative Hypothesis (Ha): There is a significant difference ...

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This solution is comprised of a detailed explanation for Two sample t test. AFull description is given including, Null and Alternative Hypotheses, level of significance, Minitab output, P-value, t-value, decision about rejecting or not rejecting the null hypothesis along with concluding remarks are given in the solution. The analysis was performed using Minitab software.