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Analyzing research data

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Attached is a simple spreadsheet I've compiled about the 21 commercial aircraft accidents in the US since 1972 that have at least one survivor and one death. I need help coming up with some good stats. Meaning, please look at the data and crunch the numbers to determine where/if it is safer to sit in the front or the back during a flight. It's apparent looking at it that the back is safer but I need some interesting statistical compilations. Please don't just say do this or that, I'm looking for data using this small sample size. Thanks.

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The expert examines analyzing research data.

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Hypothesis: It is safer to sit in the back during a flight. People, who sit at the back of an aircraft, are more likely to survive in the event of an air crash as compared to the people who sit at the front.
Null Hypothesis: The proportion of survivors at the back is either less than or equal to the proportion of survivors at the front.
Alternate Hypothesis: The proportion of survivors at the back is greater ...

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