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    Techniques for gathering and analyzing empirical data

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    Write a 1,050- to 1,400-word paper summarizing the core research elements you developed in Week 4-6. Align these core research elements with a methodology and design.

    Discuss strategies and techniques for gathering and analyzing empirical data that are aligned to the chosen methodology and design.

    Note the following:
    •In a qualitative study, the empirical data will come from talking to or reading transcripts of people's words. Who and what will your research involve?
    •In a quantitative study, the empirical data will come from measurements of some kind. What data will you need?

    Once you have identified a source of data and a technique for gathering and analyzing the data, go back and review all the other elements of your proposed research. You may need to tweak some elements further.

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    //The identification of the research elements holds great importance in carrying out the research work in an effective manner. In this context, the following section has explored the various core research elements that help in giving a direction to the research work by segregating the research goal into various objectives to be achieved.//

    Research Question 1: To what extent do therapy and medications help in treating the symptoms of PTSD?

    The core research elements identified for this research question are the various therapy and medication treatment for PTSD patients. In this context, the relationship between the therapy sessions and medications will be explored for treating the symptoms of PTSD. The post-traumatic stress disorder cannot be treated altogether; however, its symptoms can be curbed to a great extent (Foa et al., 2010). For the purpose of treating PTSD, the measures related to therapy sessions, as well as medications are preferred so that the patient can lead a normal and stress-free life.

    Therefore, the research will propose the treatment and the degree to which those will be effective in treating the disorder. Along with this, an important research element will be the relationship between the therapy and medications, and which out of the two will prove to be the more effective way of treating the disorder will also be highlighted.

    For fulfilling the above-stated research elements, the various symptoms of PTSD will be examined, and the suitable treatment for each will be discussed. The identification of the symptoms will help in gaining insightful information regarding the two methods including therapy or medication, and finding out the more beneficial method for the patients suffering PTSD (Wilson, Friedman & Lindy, 2012). The advantages and drawbacks of both the methods will be included in the research to make a comparative analysis of the core research elements and decide the effectiveness associated with the each treatment.

    Research Question 2: What are the environmental and social factors that are ...

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