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Calculating the cramer's and lambda using chi-square

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Construct a cross tabulation to examine the relationships between the two nominal/ordinal level variables. Assume that you selected a random sample of two hundreds cases and collected data on these cases. Calculate Chi Square ans as appropriate, Lambda, gamma and Cramer's V. Briefly state conclusion about hypothesis relationship.
Hypothesis 1
Robbery arrest Convictions
44 3
50 6
38 8
96 12
42 14
42 18
47 22
40 22
39 28
46 32
50 40
Mean=49.2 Mean=18.2
standard deviation=16.95542422 12.09269752
Median-45 Median=16
Mode=50 Mode=N/A
Observation=10 Observation=10

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The solution gives detailed steps on calculating the cramer's and lambda based on the chi-square statistics in order to determine the relationship between two variables.