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Discussing a paired t-test for two depenedent samples

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Write ideas for a hypothesis that you might test to compare two or more samples in your example. Indicate which hypothesis test you would use and the samples you would select. To support your choice of test include a brief discussion of the level of measurement, the number of samples involved, and whether the samples are related or independent[Minimum word count for the initial discussion post is 100 - 500 words]
Please use the following outline -
1. Hypothesis that you want to test:
2. Indicate which tail test you are using:
3. Discuss the samples you have selected:
4. Number of samples involved:
5. Discussion of whether the samples are related or independent.

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To start answering the question, I want to conduct a hypothesis testing to determine the significance of a difference in blood pressure before and after administration of an experimental pressor substance. The paired t test is best test we are able to use because it is generally used when measurements are taken from the same subject before and after some manipulation.

So the null ...

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The solution gives detailed discussion on performing a paired t-test for two depenedent samples. All procedures are explained.