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    Cross tabulation and analyzing relationships among variables

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    Do women and men have different opinions about affirmative action? Based on a sub sample of 2008 GSS, the output figure below shows respondent's sex (sex) and attitudes toward affirmative action (DISCAFF: Are whites hurt by affirmative action).
    Whites hurt by Affirmative action* respondents sex crosstabulation
    Respondents sex
    Male Female Total
    Whites hurt by affirmative action very likely 66 93 159
    somewhat likely 193 260 453
    not very likely 172 179 351
    Total 431 532 963
    a. What is the independent variable?
    b. What are the differences in attitudes between men and women?
    c. What might be some other reasons that influence attitudes toward welfare spending? Suggest at least two reasons.

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    Whites Hurt by Affirmative Action Respondent's Sex Total
    Male Female
    Very Likely 66 93 159
    Somewhat Likely 193 260 453
    Not Very Likely 172 179 351
    Total 431 532 963

    Whites Hurt by ...

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