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Analysis of Variance

ANOVA - Deb is contemplating three new locations for her pizza business

Decision One: ANOVA Deb is contemplating three new locations for her pizza business - adjacent to campuses in Portland, Eugene, and Salem A random survey of 27 pizza shops in those locations is conducted with 9 stores surveyed in each location. (Deb hired college students to sit in the stores and eavesdrop on the pizza order

ANOVA Testing on Personal Bankers Sales Goals

I have the scenario, the data and stated the hypothesis. I need help with the rest, please see attached doc. Feel free to provide or change the data if necessary. Please see attached file for full problem description. Begin by describing the research issue, problem, or opportunity and the accompanying data. o Use Excel to

T-Tests & analysis of variance

PLEASE NOTE: In addition, to showing your printout and excel, state the result of the hypothesis test in terms of the question by using complete sentences and examples. Ques 1:1 A nationwide sample of influential Republicans and Democrats were asked as a part of a comprehensive survey whether they favored lowering the en


A local delivery company wishes to examine the time it takes drivers to drive specific routes. The following data was collected for three drivers for several days over the same route. Driver 1 Driver 2 Driver 3 22.6 17.3 22.8 21.8 23.4 22.9 23.5 19.7 31.6 24.5 35.4 The ANOVA procedure was employed to evaluate the res

ANOVA: Hypothesis test

Please see the attached file for full description. ---- The General Social Survey is an annual survey given to a random selection of about adults in the United States. Among the many questions asked are "What is the highest level of education you've completed?" and "If you're employed full-time, how many hours do you spend

Sample Size and Critical Value

The following is a partial ANOVA table. Source Sum of Squares df Mean Square F Treatment 2 Error 20 Total 500 11 Complete the table and answer the following questions. Use the .05 significance level.

ANOVA testing

I have an essay to write, about this statistics problem. I have used several calculation methods and I have no idea where to begin with this problem. I am having difficulty as is with this class. Could you please break down the problem step by step and please explain why I would go with that option to resolve the problem. I have

Data testing in SPSS

I have atatched a SPSS data file. I have 4 population of the house pricing in Ontario (10 prices in 4 regions) and I need to perform at least 3 tests in SPSS to compare the region with each other. Also I need conclusions for the all. I expect that at least three different tests will be done- for example, you may do an F test

Formula for ANOVA

I know the methodology is ANOVA I just don't know how to work out the formula, Can you please help? Court Case II: In Dendy vs. Washington Hospital Center case, 26 out of 26 white nurses passed an examination and 4 out of 9 African American nurses passed the examination in Washington Hospital Center (UNITED STATES DISTRICT

ANOVA: effect of 4 fertilizers

Four different types of fertilizers are used on raspberry plants. The number of raspberries on each randomly selected plaint is given below. Test the claim that the type of fertilizer makes no difference in the mean number of raspberries per plant. State your hypothesis, draw your curves, label your critical values and your t

Two-factor ANOVA test for Johnson Shampoo

Johnson Shampoo Company sells three shampoos - for dry, normal, oily, and greasy hair. Sales (in $millions) are given below. Month Dry Normal Oily Greasy June 7 9 12 10 July 11 12 14 12 August 13 11 8 9 September 10 10

Mean, Variance, F-test

Sample Set 1 Sample Set 2 Sample Set 3 12 9 9 7 10 11 11 11 10 10 2 12 8 8 7 6 7 10 A. Find the mean of each sample set. B. Find the variance of each sample set. C. Find the variance of the sample means. D. Find the variance between samples and the variance within samples. E. Find the F test statist

ANOVA, Mean Square and Common Pop Variance

In an effort to counteract student cheating, the professor of a large class created four versions of a midterm exam, distributing the four versions among the students in the class. After the exam, students from the class got together and petitioned to nullify the results on the grounds that the four versions were not equal in

Managerial Decision Making - Statistics Problem ANOVA

Refer to the Baseball 2002 data, which reports information on the 30 Major League Baseball teams for the 2002 season. a. At the .10 significance level, is there a difference in the variation of the number of stolen bases among the teams that play their home games on natural grass versus on artificial turf? b. Create a vari

The answer to ANOVA problems

For the time being, the air traffic control system in the United States is run by the federal government. Several groups disagree with this and would like to privatize the air traffic control system. Among the arguments given for privatization is that flight delays are much too common in the United States. A first step in decidi

Statistics - One way Anova

Three companies are attempting to sell you a pollution reduction additive to your chemical waste. Given limited resources, which prevents you from developing the additive yourself, you get each company to give you a sample to the product. You are able to use it on ten batches each. You use it on the same machines. The parameter

Analysis of Variance (ANOVA)

WidgeCorp became the market leader in snack foods after acquiring a rival company, Company W. Their management style and business decision-making differed. Employees at WidgeCorp collected relevant data and through statistical analysis used this information to draw conclusions and make appropriate recommendations. Company W tend

Statistics Questions

1. Increasing the number of scores in a sample from n = 10 to n = 20 will increase the width of a confidence interval to estimate the population mean. (Assume all other factors are held constant.) True False 2. An educational psychologist gives a group of third-grade students a reading test at the begi

SAS Analysis of Variance

I've pasted my SAS data below. If you need to use Stata or a similar program that is OK (but I would prefer SAS) 1. Write a model for this experiment 2. Conduct an analysis of variance 3. Compute the relative efficiency of the Latin square design relative to a completely randomized design. Interpret this value. Were the b

ANOVA Testing

I have four categories, for instance, age, sex, zone and weight. I am asked if the average weight of the population differs among the four zones, and the sexes. I performed a one way anova test for weight and zones then another for weight and sex. Is this correct? I then performed a one way anova test of the zones versus age

ANVOA Test and Explanation of work

The organization would like to determine if three of their territories are in fact meeting average profit margin expectations of 35% or if there is a variance depending on market region. Perform an ANOVA on the data presented in the attachment. 1) Please provide explanations during the steps 2) Show corresponding work

ANOVA for Total Knee Replacement Data

See the attached files. Enter the attached data given to you into an Excel spreadsheet, calculate the requested statistics, and answer the following questions. Data from Total Knee Replacement (TKR) patients was collected from 3 different clinics. The data that is given to you includes: Subject number, age, clinic and range

Statistics/ Two-Way ANOVA Exercise

An experiment is conducted to study the effects of two sales approaches - high-pressure (H) and low-pressure (L) - and to study the effects of two sales pitches (1 and 2) on the weekly sales of a product. The data (Results of the Sales Approach Experiment) in the attached table are obtained by using a completely randomized desig

Anova for a Call Center

Response Time Type of Call 25.22 Fee Refund 25.01 Fee Refund 25.1 Fee Refund 24.89 Fee Refund Question 25.23 Missing Deposit Does the type of call affect the response time of the call center? 24.97 Missing Deposit Is it statistically significant? 25.07 Missing Deposit 24.81 Missing Deposit 25.18 Copy of a