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Analysis of Variance

Sample Types & ANOVA Requirements

What is an independent sample? What is a related sample? When should researchers use different hypothesis tests for independent and related samples? Is one type of sample preferable over the other? Why is the F distribution important? How do you determine if a significant difference exists among the groups in ANOVA? How do yo

Perform a randomized block ANOVA test using Excel

Use the following scenario. Develop two-null hypothesis tests to ascertain if there are any statistical variances in the averages of bus route times and any statistical variance among the average performance of the bus drivers. Use the following information to conduct the test: The three bus routes are the treatments. The thr

Understanding ANOVA and significance levels.

I am not understanding how to do this question as I am still trying to grasp an understanding of the material. I came across this question at the end of the chapter: When groups are more alike than different, ANOVA assesses the significance of the difference between two groups. When groups are unalike, will findings be more

Analysis of Variation: Cosmopolitan Age Group

Advertisers need to know which age groups are likely to see their ads. Purchasers of 120 copies of Cosmopolitan are shown by age group. (a) Make a bar chart and describe it. (b) Calculate expected frequencies for each class. (c) Perform the chi-square test for a uniform distribution. At α = .01, does this sample contradic

This solution provides example of Analysis of Variance (ANOVA) investigating the relationship if teengae running shoe ownership depends on world region. The solution is provided in excel with easy to understand formulas

Teenagers make up a large percentage of the market for clothing. Below are data on running shoe ownership in four world regions (excluding China). Research question: At α = .01, does this sample show that teenage running shoe ownership depends on world region? Running Shoe Ownership in World Regions Owned By U.S.

Analysis of Variance: Sample of Treatment Means

Engineers are testing company fleet vehicle fuel economy (miles per gallon) performance by using different types of fuel. One vehicle of each size is tested. Does this sample prove that there is a significant difference in treatment means? 87 Octane 89 Octane 91 Octane Ethanol 5% Ethanol 10%

Analysis of Variance One particular morning, the length of time spent in the examination rooms is recorded for each patient seen by each physician at an orthopedic clinic. Does the data prove a significant difference in mean times?

One particular morning, the length of time spent in the examination rooms is recorded for each patient seen by each physician at an orthopedic clinic. Does the data prove a significant difference in mean times? Time in Examination Rooms (minutes) Physician 1 Physician 2 Physician 3 Physician 4 34 33

Statistics - ANOVA - Bumper test problem

In a bumper test, three types of autos were deliberately crashed into a barrier at 5 mph, and the resulting damage (in dollars) was estimated. Five test vehicles of each type were crashed, with the results shown below. Research question is : are the mean crash damages the same for these three vehicles? Goliath varmint weasel

Analysis of Variance

Please show all work for both problems. 1. Random samples of five were selected from each of three populations. The sum of squares total was 100. The sum of squares due to the treatments was 40. a. Set up the null hypothesis and the alternate hypothesis. b. What is the decision rule? Use the .05 significance level. c. Co

Results of a One-Way ANOVA

You come across a research article with the following statement in the Results section: "The results of a one-way ANOVA were statistically significant, F (3, 25) = 4.78, p < .05." A. How many levels did the independent variable have? B. In total, how many subjects participated in the study? In other words, what is vV?


Can you help me with some easy explanations on the following two items found in real world examples? I am having hard time expressing how I would use ANOVA & Regression in real world examples.Please note I do not need actual data samples, only how to explain the two questions below in easy terms. *How would I define ANOVA in

ANOVA Analysis of Variance

The Excel file TV Viewing.xls provides sample data on the number of hours of TV viewing per week for six age groups. Conduct an ANOVA to determine if the mean number of hours of TV viewing per week is the same for all age groups. If the null hypothesis is rejected, apply the Tukey-Kramer multiple comparison procedure to identify

H(0), H(1), Decision Rule & ANOVA Table

ANOVA Problem: The manager of a software company is studying the number of hours/week that senior executives spend at their destop computers. There are three industries that he has data for and these are listed under Banking, Retail, and Insurance. The sample size is n = 5 senior managers from each of the

Advantages and disadvantages of ANOVA over the mean test

Can you help me with definitions and how to explain the use of the statements below in everyday life? I am trying trouble relating the statements to personal issues or issues related to work life. *What are the advantages of ANOVA over the mean test and what are the disadvantages? Where would I use this in my everyday life?

Comparing 3 Treatment Means: ANOVA

1. Using the Raw Data State a relevant and useful "ANOVA Type" hypothesis for these 3 populations. This Hypothesis should compare the means between the 3. 2. Perform the 5 steps of hypothesis testing procedure 3. Please present the calculations and results and Graphs 4. Make all possible observations and int


The weights (in grams) of four different colors of M&M candies are given below, along with the mean weight and variance of each color, and the variance of the sample means. Use a one-way ANOVA at the 0.05 significance level to test the null hypothesis that the different color M&M candies have the same mean weight. 4 groups

Running ANOVA: Purchase Scores Example

ANOVA: Mean squares and the common population variance At LLD Records, some of the market research of college students is done during promotions on college campuses, while other market research of college students is done through anonymous mail, phone, Internet, and record store questionnaires. Please see attachment for f

One-Factor and Two-Factor ANOVA

(a) Explain the difference between one-factor and two-factor ANOVA. (b) Write the linear model form of one-factor ANOVA. (c) State the hypotheses for a one-factor ANOVA in two different ways. (d) Why is one-factor ANOVA used a lot?

Statistics: Collecting Data and testing ANOVA

BELOW IS DATA COLLECTED OVER A PERIOD OF 15 DAYS Day 1 6.6 Day 2 5.2 Day 3 6.6 Day 4 5.5 Day 5 7.2 Day 6 4.8 Day 7 2.3 Day 8 7.8 Day 9 7.6 Day 10 7.5 Day 11 6.6 Day 12 5.2 Day 13 6.6 Day 14 5.5 Day 15

Statistics: ANOVA and Nonparametric Tests

Based on your experience using ANOVA and nonparametric tests, what additional information would you recommend to the key decision maker to solve the challenges given in a company that provides software solutions to wide range of clients?

Opening Paragraph for a Research Paper

I am writing a research paper on ANOVA. I am looking for help coming up with an opening paragraph that helps introduce my paper. The paper directions are in the following paragraph. (I just need an opening nothing else) Find three separate sets of data that pertain to a business research issue, problem, or opportunity facin

ANOVA - Mean Daily Sales for Jointsoft from Four Modes of Advertising

Jointsoft is a great over-the-counter arthritis medication, but who will ever know about it? Unfortunately, many people with arthritis tend to be elderly and rather immobile, so advertisers of arthritis medications face limitations in ways to get their messages across. Currently, their best modes of advertisement are commercials

ANOVA - At LLD Records

1- At LLD Records, some of the market research of college students is done during promotions on college campuses, while other market research of college students is done through anonymous mail, phone, internet, and record store questionnaires. In all cases, for each new CD the company solicits an "intent-to-purchase" score from

Air Traffic Control Statistics

Please see the attached file. For the time being, the air traffic control system in the United States is run by the federal government. Some people would like to change this, arguing that the air traffic control system should be part of the private sector. Among the arguments given for the privatization of air traffic contr

ANOVA Testing Scenarios

Chapter 12 (Use ANOVA test) 10. The manager of a computer software company wishes to study the number of hours senior executives spend at their desktop computers by type of industry. The manager selected a sample of five executives from each of three industries. At the .05 significance level, can she conclude there is a diffe

ANOVA for Master Students' Salaries

You collect the following salary figures for Master's Level Students and their salaries after 2 years at work. You are interested in whether or not people with different degrees make more or less money. The data are analyzed using an ANOVA test with the following results: Results attached! 1 What are the null and