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Bus Case Study: Randomized block ANOVA test using Excel

Use the following scenario. Develop two-null hypothesis tests to ascertain if there are any statistical variances in the averages of bus route times and any statistical variance among the average performance of the bus drivers. Use the following information to conduct the test:
The three bus routes are the treatments.
The three bus drivers are the blocks.

The common element is driving time.

Route 1 Time Route 2 Time Route 3 Time
Driver 1 24 minutes 21 minutes 27 minutes
Driver 2 28 minutes 27 minutes 25 minutes
Driver 3 18 minutes 13 minutes 19 minutes

2. Using any present or past job related data, perform an ANOVA in either Excel or MegaStat. Write your null and alternate hypothesis. Post your ANOVA table. Interpret the results.

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The solution performs a randomized block ANOVA test using Excel.A two-bull hypothesis test is developed to determine the statistical variances in the averages of bus route times.