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    Randomized Block Anova

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    In an advertisement in a local newspaper, Best Food supermarket attempted to convince consumers that it offered them the lowest total food bill. To do this, Best Food presented the following comparison of the prices of 60 grocery items purchased at three supermarkets-Best Food, Public, and Cash'N Carry-on a single day (*see attachment for data).
    If we use these data to compare the mean prices of grocery items at the three supermarkets, then we have a randomized block design where the treatments are the three supermarkets and the blocks are the 60 grocery items. Figure 10.9 (*see attachment) gives the MegaStat output of a randomized block ANOVA of the supermarket data.

    a. What is the null hypothesis to be tested?

    b. Can you accept the null hypothesis? Support your answer using the p-value and alpha.

    c. When there are differences, explain how you would determine which level of each factor to select provides the best performance or solution to the exercise.

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