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Multiple choice questions from ANOVA

The calculated value of F in a one-way analysis is 8.23. The numerator degrees of freedom and denominator degrees of freedom are 4 and 8, respectively. The most accurate statement to be made about the p-value is:
A) p-value > 0.05
B) 0.05 > p-value > 0.025
C) p-value > 0.01
D) 0.01 > p-value

One-way ANOVA is performed on three independent samples with: n1 = 6, n2 = 7 , and n3 = 8. The critical value obtained from the F-table for this test at the 2.5% level of significance equals:
A) 3.55
B) 39.45
C) 4.56
D) 29.45

A large annuity company holds many industry group stocks. Among the industries are banks, business services and construction. Seven companies from each industry group are randomly sampled to test the hypothesis that the mean price per share is the same among industries. The data are: Compute the F test statistic.

A) 2.453
B) 1.025
C) 3.43
D) 5.441

A randomized block experiment having five treatments and six blocks produced the following values: SSTR = 287, SST = 1,446, SSE = 180. The value of SSB must be:
A) 30
B) 979
C) 467
D) 20

In a two-way ANOVA, there are 3 levels for factor A and 4 levels for factor B, and three observations within each cell. The number of treatments in this experiment will be:
A) 36
B) 9
C) 12
D) 18

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