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Advantages of ANOVA over the mean test

Can you help me with definitions and how to explain the use of the statements below in everyday life? I am trying trouble relating the statements to personal issues or issues related to work life.

*What are the advantages of ANOVA over the mean test and what are the disadvantages? Where would I use this in my everyday life?

*What are the major distinction between a paired T test and the standard two mean hypthesis test? Where would you use a paired T test in my work life or everyday life?

*What are the major differences between the single mean hypothesis test and where would someone normally look at comparing two means? Where would I use a two mean test in my everyday life and work life?

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* ANOVA can be used to test for means for several populations (more than two), but the mean test can be used to test only for a single population or at the most for two populations. However, ANOVA test for means cannot be used to tell which mean is different from the others - it only tests that one of the means is different from the others. In order to find which pairs of means are different, we need to conduct the Tukey's pairwise test of means after conducting an ANOVA test.

As an example of the use of ANOVA in everyday life, suppose that I buy gas for my car from three different companies, A, B and C. Each company claims that its gas gives more mileage than any other, and ...

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488 words outline pros and cons of ANOVA and whether you would use it or a mean test in everyday life.