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Analysis of Variance

Chi Square test and ANOVA..

In a class of 100 students, the grades by gender are shown below: A B C D F Row Total Men 7 14 28 14 7 70 Women 8 6 7 6 3 30 Column Total 15 20 35 20 10 100 Can you conclude at a 95% confidence that the grade is independent of gender? An experiment was conducted to compare the effectiveness of three

Statistics: Analyzing Literary Data

The literary styles of different authors can vary widely. In particular, one factor that may differ is the word length of sentences. Here are two (fiction) novels of reasonable length, written in English and by two different authors. Novel 1: Memoirs of a Geisha by Arthur Golden. Novel 2: The Pact by Jodi Picoult. To get

ANOVA SUV is marketed in three major metropolitan areas

A new model of SUV is marketed in three major metropolitan areas. The number of vehicles sold every month at each of three store chains is listed below. Chicago Houston Miami 307 324 110 500 442 193 690 270 138 448 199 244 At 0.05 level of significance, is there a difference in

ANOVA Test Comparison

Here is the problem and I need help I am in a group and no one is helping me. I have talked to the teacher and now i have to do it by myself and turn in the assignment. I have struggling bad in this class. PLEASE HELP ME. In this regard, remember the goal will be to work through an ANOVA test to compare the means of three o

Two Factor ANOVA

You are the engineer for a paint process. You'd like to improve the quality of the process. You have selected your response variable, which is ppm of dust. You have sixteen measurements that you take, you have 3 variables [resist thickness, develop time, and exposure]. You have two levels of each of the variables [say, level

Critical Range for Tukey-Kramer

Critical Range for Tukey-Kramer. See attached file for full problem description. Answer The null hypothesis tested is H0: There is no significant difference in the population mean of downhill coasting speed of 4 brands of bi cycles Here one way ANOVA can be used as there is only one categorical variable b). ANOVA

Statistical Problem Assistance: Difference in the Mean

Professor Brunner had students in his Marketing class rate his performance as Excellent, Good, Fair, or Poor. A graduate student collected the ratings and assured the students that Professor Brunner would not receive them until after the course grades had been submitted. The rating (the treatment) a student gave the professor wa

Earth Engineering ANOVA Testing

Earth Engineering is an environmental engineering consulting firm with more than 50 offices nationwide. Within the state of Texas, there are 5 offices; however, the focus of this problem resides with the office located in Austin. The Austin office currently houses 54 employees; however, the original office space of 10,000 square


Scenario: Surging Fuel Prices Situation: ABC Trucking Company purchased 15 trucks at the same time to start their business. 5 Trucks were purchased from Peterbilt, 5 from Freightliner, and 5 from Kenworth. All the trucks are used for long distance hauling. The cost of fuel for the first year is shown. Is there a significant

Difference in Mean Shop Hours Across Departments

Please help with the following statistics-related problem. Please provide the solution in Excel. The president of a new car dealership professional association wishes to study the number of hours department heads spend on the floor of their shops weekly by department. The manager selected a sample of five department heads fr

Questions on ANOVA

1. What is the Null Hypothesis in the ANOVA test? The Alternate Hypothesis? Discuss. 2. What is the difference between a One-Way ANOVA and a Two-Way ANOVA? When do you use each?

ANOVA - Group Variance

1. What is meant by within group variance? Between group variance? How does the ANOVA procedure use these concepts? 2. What are the 6 steps to the ANOVA hypothesis test?

Hypothesis Testing: Three Categories

1. Group the districts based on the percent of students on welfare: "low" (less than 5 percent), "moderate" (5 up to 10 percent), and "high" (10 percent or more). Conduct a test of hypothesis to determine whether the three categories are equally represented in the sample. Use the .05 significance level. 2. Identify each distr

ANOVA to determine the effectiveness of fore training programs

#4.2 The personnel manager of a large finance company wished to evaluate the effectiveness of 4 different sales-training programs designed for new employees. A group of 32 recently hired employees are randomly assigned to the 4 training programs so that there are 8 subjects in each program. At the end of the program an exam i

ANOVA One Factor Experiments - One way Classification

An experiment is performed to determine the yields of 5 different varieties of wheat, A, B, C, D, E. Four plots of land are assigned to each variety, and the yields (in bushels per acre) are as shown in table. Assuming the plots to be of similar fertility and that varieties are assigned at random to plots, determine if there is

Fathers recorded how many minutes per day they played with their child for 5 days. This data file contains 60 cases and three variables; a factor indicating the disability status of the child, a factor indicating the child?s gender, and a play time score averaged across 5 days.

Fathers recorded how many minutes per day they played with their child for 5 days. This data file contains 60 cases and three variables; a factor indicating the disability status of the child, a factor indicating the child?s gender, and a play time score averaged across 5 days. 5. Conduct a two-way ANOVA to evaluate differen

ANOVA from output table

ANOVA: Single Factor SUMMARY Groups Count Sum Average Variance Column 1 70 29296 418.5143 2069.732 Column 2 66 26720 404.8485 1274.254 Column 3 73 29468 403.6712 938.696 ANOVA Source of Variation SS df MS F P-value F crit Between Groups 9546.877 2 4773.438 3.353505 0.036881


A DRUG IS DEVELOPED TO LOWER PULSE RATES. In order to obtain more consistent results that do not have confounding variables of gender, the drug is tested using males only. Given below are pulse rates for a placebo group, a group of men treated with Xynamine in 10 mg doses and a group of men treated with 20mg doses. Research find

Analysis Tool

1. We wish to analyze the results from a study which involved the following steps: A random sample of 500 participants was recruited for the study ? Subjects were allowed to elect to participate in an 3-month exercise program or serve as a control subject (190 chose the program, 310 chose to serve as controls) ? Subjects wer

Variance for two-way ANOVA

What is the formula used to compute variance when performing a two-way anova? Ex: Count 2 2 4 Sum 32 34 66 Average 16 17 16.5 Variance 72 18 30.33333333

Clarification of Analysis of Variance

There are four auto body shops in a community and they all claim to promptly serve customers. To check if there is any difference in service, customers are randomly selected from each repair shop and their waiting times in days are recorded. The output from a statistical software package is: Summary Groups..........Count...

Equality of variance and ANOVA

3. It is desired to determine whether there is less variability in the silver plating done by Company 1 than in that done by Company 2. If independent random samples of size 13 of the two companies? work yield s1 = 0.062 mil and s2 = 0.035 mil, test the null hypothesis ?sigma?1squared = ?sigma?2squared against the alternative hy

One ANOVA with eta and Tukey HSD.

Suppose that you are interested in determining the effectiveness of an intensive supervision probation (ISP) program. To examine its effectiveness, you keep track of 12 offenders sentenced to ISP for one year and tabulate the number of new offenses they committed. You also gather two control groups. The first consists of 12 offe