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Discrete Math

Independent events probability

Please answer the attached questions. Assuming that boy and girl babies are equally likely,fill in the remaining probabilities on the tree diagram and use the following information to find the probability that a family with three children has all girls, given the following. The diagram is attached.

Applications & Venn Diagrams

Please answer the following questions and show all work in steps. Use the union rule to answer the following questions Suppose n(A ∩ B)= 5, n(A ∩ B ) = 35 n(A) =13 What is n(B)? Union rule for sets n(A ∩ B) = n(A) + n(B) - n(A ∩ B)

Finite math problems

Please show your work in steps. Thank you! 32. Is it possible for two nonempty sets to have the same intersection and union? If so, give an example Let U = {2,3,4,5,7,9}; X= {2,3,4,5}; Y={3,5,7,9}; and Z= {2,5,4,7,9}. List the members of each set using set brackets. 42. a. In Example 6, what set do you get when you

Ordinal Subtraction Defined by Recursion

Please see the attached problem. I have attached some notes in case these are needed. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Proposition 2.7.9: For any pair of ordinals alpha and beta such that alpha <= beta, there is a unique ordinal gamma such that alpha + gamma = beta, so we can wr

Logic Problems Statements

1. Write the statement in symbolic form and construct a truth table. The zoo is open, but it is not a nice day. 2. Use DeMorgan's laws to determine whether the two statements are equivalent. ? (p V ?q), ?p ^ q 3. Determine the truth value of a statement. 15-7=22 or 4+8=13, and 9-8=1

Set Theory: Union and Complement

Given U = {15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25}, A = {16, 18, 20, 22}, and B = {17, 19, 20, 23, 24}. Find A&#8242; B&#8242;. Do not skip to the answer. Show your work, finding A', then B' then find their union.

Logic Math Solutions

Please help me find the solutions for each of the problems below and attached. Logic: Using a truth table to prove that A*(B+C) =A*B + A*C Consider the * operator to be the equivalent of _____ and the + operator to be equivalent to ___. State the number of distinct variables____ State the number of operations_____

Help with understanding the concept of sets

Example of Sets in applicable areas such as (market research, politics, medicine, etc.). For example, a college student may be in a particular category in a set depending on degree program: Degree = {Associate, Bachelor, Master, Ph.D.} and then a second related set might be the listing of the majors: Major = {Accounting, English

Finite Math and Sets

1.For the given sets, answer the following questions A={1, 2, 3, 4} B={1, 2, 5, 7} C={3, 4, 5, 7} A.B U C B.A' C.A U C(wasn't able to upside down the U) D.A U(rotate the U) A' e.A U (rotate the U) B

Math Problem on Ending Balance, Interest and Pay Out

If I have a 10,000 death benefit at work that is left on deposit for 7 years at an annual interest rate of 5%. The balance after 7 years is what? and then is going to be paid out in 120 equal payments. During the payout period, interest is credited at an annual interest rate of 3%. Would the payouts continue to be the same? 1

Discrete Mathematics: Relationship Between Graphs and Trees

Describe the relationship between graphs and trees and then discuss why trees are a subset of graphs. How can a tree be used to outline a data type? Remember that the data type student has attributes such as first name, last name, student number, and registered courses. Would a graph be a better construct than a tree for des

Arguments: Determine whether the arguments are valid by means of Venn diagrams. Write the truth functional form of the argument. Use the truth-table method/short truth-table method to determine if the argument is valid. Using the method of deduction, determine the argument's validity.

These are the 3 questions I need help with. I do not understand this. Please show all work in detail so that I understand this thing as this will help me in understanding the concepts. ---------------------------------------------------------------- 1. Determine whether the arguments are valid by means of Venn diagrams.

Write the negation for the statement

By Day 6, complete and submit your answers to the W3: Assignment 3 Dropbox. Here are symbols you may need:      U ∩  [ ] COPY AND PASTE! 1. (2 pts) Write the negation for the statement below. Someone in the family makes bread. 2. (2 pts) Let p, q, and r be the following statements:

Finite Mathematics - MATH 205 CheckPoint Assignment

INSTRUCTIONS: This is your checkpoint assignment for week 5. Each question is worth DIFFERENT POINTS AND SHOULD ALL TOTAL 30 points. Some questions will have subparts (a, b, c, etc.), these questions will be worth more points, so you should answer all subparts correctly to receive full credit. As specified in your syllabus,

Fuzzy logic and truth values

Truth Values that are between 0 and 1 indicate varying degrees of truth. For instance, the truth value 0.8 can be assigned to the statement "Bob is happy," because Bob is happy most of the time, and the truth value 0.4 can be assigned to the statement "Max is happy, "because Max is happy slightly less than half the time. Th

Set Theory and venn diagrams

2. Describe (in words) a Universal Set U containing a great many items, such as "All humans" or "All countries." Then describe (in words) two different sets that belong to U. Describe (in words) the complement of each of these two sets. Do any members of the Universal Set U lie outside both your first set and its complement?

Concavity, derivations, and proofs

Please see attachment Determine whether....converge or diverge ...derive a necessary condition for the have a rational root. Then use this condition to prove... Using binomial coefficients, derive a formula for the nth derivative of the product of two functions. Suppose that f(x) has a continuous first

Concavity, derivations, and proofs

Please see attachment Determine whether....converge or diverge ...derive a necessary condition for the have a rational root. Then use this condition to prove... Using binomial coefficients, derive a formula for the nth derivative of the product of two functions. Suppose that f(x) has a continuous fir

Venn Diagram

After running various advertisements, you have received the statistics from each market segmentation. A total of 1,800 ads were run to try and reach the various segments. The following lists the breakdown of each: 680 for a geographic location 500 based on demographics 440 based on psychographics 385 based on both geograp

Discrete Math: Congruence Problem

Please provide a detailed solution to the following problem: Let p be an odd prime and a such that (a, p) = 1. Show that the equation x^2 = a (mod p^i) has a solution for all i if it has a solution for i = 1. How many solutions are there?

Simple Finite Math Problems (Basic Level)

Attached are my FINITE MATH 106 short problems that I need completed and DONE. PLEASE make sure to DO ALL OF THE PROBLEMS. Do not make the EXPLANATIONS complicated on how the ANSWERS were found. I need something short and sweet and to the point to INCLUDE the ANSWER to ALL OF THE PROBLEMS. Of Course all of the answers nee

Venn diagram problem

How many in only single? 3 Magazines (D, R, I); total number of people is 1000 250 - D, I, not R 40 - I, R, not D 120 - R, not in I 200 - I, not in D 90 - D, R 70 - none This is a review but I don't understand Professor told us to get answer = (y+Z+160)+250+90-x+X=40+70=1000 But I don't understand how to ge

Finding Mean, Median, Mode & Standard Deviation: Example Problem

The number of homicides in Vermont from 1992 through 2001 is given in the following table. Year Homicide Victims 1992 21 1993 15 1994 5 1995 13 1996 11 1997 9 1998 12 1999 17 2000 12 2001 11 a. Find the mean, median and mode of the data. b. Find the standard deviation of the data. c. What percent of the

Answers to puzzle for prison guards, fav. t.v show, etc.

Five security guards were busy cleaning inmate cells at Arkam Asylum. Each guard cleaned one inmates cell for whom they were friendly with, and each room needed items replaced. From the clues, determine the full name of each guard, what kind of TV shows each watched, what item each had to replace, and what room number each clean

Logic Puzzle: Truth and Lie

Somebody ate the sausages! Superman, The Flash, The Green Lantern, Batman, and Wonder Woman went out to lunch. Wonder Woman went to the ladies room just before the meal was brought out by the waiter. When she returned everyone had their food, but all of her sausage was missing from her plate. Wonder Woman loves sausage, so

Finite Math : Statistics, Interest and the Time Value of Money

1. (5 pts) Which of the following can never be a negative number? A. Sample variance B. Sample mean C. Maximum data value of a sample D. Median of a sample 2. (5 pts) Which of the following statements is true? A. Sample standard deviation is the ce

Finite math help

Nine total questions. please show work so I can understand and finish 1)A lumber yard has fixed costs of $1463.00 a day and variable costs of $1.00 per boardfootproduced. The company gets $2.40 per board-foot sold. How many board-feet mustbe produced daily to break even? 2)Use the echelon method to solve the system of th

Finite Math

Please see the attached file for the fully formatted problems. Please do all except 7,12,18. 1. Find the sum of the first five terms of the geometric sequence. a = , r = 2 A) B) C) D) 2. Find the compound interest earned by the deposit. Round to the nearest cent. $15,000 at 4% compounded quarterly for

Least squares

1.3 Exercises 6. Decrease in Banks The number of banks in the United States has dropped about 30% since 1992. The following data are from a survey in which x represents the years since 1900 and y corresponded to the number of banks, in thousands, in the United States.? n=10 Ex2 = 93,205 Ex=965 Exy=9165.1 Ey=95.3 Ey2