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    Descriptive Statistics & Probabilities

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    Chapter 8 Counting Principles; Further Probability Topics

    14. a basket contains 4 black, 2 blue and 5 green balls. A sample of 3 balls is drawn. Find the probabilities taht the sample contains the following: 2 black balls and 1 green ball

    18. Suppose a family plans 6 children and the probability that a particular child is a girl is 1/2 Find the probabilities that the 6-child family has the following children; Exactly 3 girls

    26. Suppose 2 cards are drawn without replacement from an ordinary deck of 52 find the probalities of the following results; At least one is a face card

    36. Six students will decide which of them are on a committee by flipping a coin. Each student flips the coin and is on the committee if he or she gets a head. What is the probability that someone is on the committee, but not all 6 students?

    40. A cerain machine that is used to manfacture screws produces a defect rate of .01. a random sample of 20 screw is selected. Find the probabilites that the sample contains the following; exactly 3 defective screws.


    Chapter 9 Statistics

    10.Find the median and the mode for each list of numbers

    16. Find the range and standard deviation for each distribution

    32. A machine that fills quart orange juice cartons is set to fill them with 32.1oz. If the actual contents of the cartons vary normally, with a standard deviation of .1oz what percent of the cartons contain less than a quart (32oz)?

    36.White flies are devastating california crops. An area infested with white flies is to be sprayed with a chemical which is known to be 98% effective for each application. Assume a sample of 1000 flies is checked. Find the approximate probability that exactly 980 of the flies are killed in one application.

    42. The average resident of a certain east coast suburb spends 42 minutes per day communting, with a standard deviation of 12 minutes. Assume a normal distribution. Find the percent of all residents of this suburb who have the following commuting times; No more than 35 minutes per day

    46. A survey was given to 313 performers appearing in 23 broadway companies. The percentage of performers injured during pracitice or a performance was 55.5%. If a random sample of 500 broadway preformers is taken use the normal approxmation to the binomial distribution to find the approixmate probability that more than 300 preformers have been injured.

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