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Discrete Math

Mathematics: Solving Systems of Equations

Solve system of two equations with x and y (use any technique): 1. 2x - y = 0 3x + 2y = 7 2. x + 2y = 4 2x - y = -7 3. 4x + y = 15 2x + 5y = 21 Assign x and y for unknown values, create system of two equations and find solution: 4. Investments. Michael Perez has a total of $2000 on deposit with two savings inst

correct set notation

1. Given the diagram below, find P ∩ Q. Write in correct set notation. 2. Write down all possible subsets of set P using correct set notation. 3. The cardinal number of the set {cat, dog, horse, fish, lizard, meerkat, rhinoceros, elephant, giraffe, platypus, hippopotamus, skunk, mouse} is _____ 4. Given the follow

Various Graph Theory Questions

Through the use of appropriate algorithms minimal spanning tree solutions and optimal networking routes are discovered and explained. The document contains detailed solutions and drawings to help understand how to use the included algorithms.

Finite Math

1.A safe can be unlocked by pressing the correct sequence of buttons. A display of five buttons on the door is shown below... 2.How many 3-letter code words are possible using the first 10 letters of the alphabet if a) no letter can repeat; b) letters can be repeated; c) adjacent letters cannot be the same? 3.Six people are

Venn Diagram

Josh is conducting a telephone survey for a telecommunications company. Over the course of a 4 hour shift, he logged the following calls: 16 to single-family homes 21 to homes with more than one telephone line 17 to people who were satisfied with their current long-distance provider 11 to people who lived in single-fami

Set Theory/Venn Diagrams Multiple Choice Problems

If A and B are two sets, A â?© B represents: a) all elements in either A and B b) all elements in both A and B c) all elements that are in A but not B d) all sets that include A and B There are 8 students on the curling team and 12 students on the badminton team. What is the total number of students on the two

Statistics: Probability Distribution, Binomial Probability

Section 4.1 Probability Distribution 1. Decide whether the random variable is discrete or continuous. (References: example 1 page 195, end of section exercises 13 - 20 page 201) a. The number of bottles of water sold in Florida in August 2008 b. The weight of a wasp in the lab test nest c. The number of sopho

11 Problems on Sets and Venn Diagrams

1. Given the venn diagram, find P ∩ Q. Write in correct set notation. [Please refer to the attachment for the Venn diagram] 2. 2. Write down all possible subsets of set P using correct set notation. [Please refer to the attachment for the Venn diagram] 3. The cardinal number of the set {triangle, rectangle, squ

Sets and Venn Diagrams explained in this answer

1. Given the following sets, select the statement below that is NOT true. A = {s, i, r}, B = {r, i, s, e}, C = {r, i, s, k, e, d} A ⊆ B A ⊂ B C ⊂ B A ⊂ C B ⊆ C 2. An electronics store surveyed every 9th customer who came onto the store for a week. Of the 185 peopl

The number of subsets

1. Given the following sets, select the statement below that is true. A = {r, i, s, k, e, d}, B = {r, i, s, e}, C = {s, i, r} B ⊆ A and A ⊂ B C ⊂ A and B ⊂ C A ⊆ C and B ⊂ A C ⊆ B and B ⊆ A B ⊆ C and C ⊂ A 2. Without writing them all out, what is the number o

Euler diagrams, logic statements, and truth tables.

1. Create an Euler diagram to determine whether the syllogism is valid or invalid. All grocery stores are open until 10 p.m. The store on the corner is open until 10 p.m. The store on the corner is a grocery store. 2. If the argument below is valid, name which of the four valid forms of argument is represented. If it

Determine whether the given statements are equivalent.

1. Write a truth table to determine whether the two statements are equivalent and explain your answer. ~(q-->P) v r , (p v q) --> ~r 2. Write a negation of the following statement and explain your answer. Some diet sodas contain saccharin. 3. Determine which, if any, of the three statements are equivalent. Give a reas

Constructing truth tables and interpreting logic statements.

I am asked to help set up a study group using sample study questions that gives some of us in the group the most trouble and I need help formulating these types of equations. 1. Determine the truth value of the following statement: The Leaning Tower of Pisa is located in England and all prime numbers divisible by 1. True o

Logic and truth values

1. p: Tanisha owns a convertible q: Joan owns a Volvo Translate each statement into symbols. Then construct a truth table for each and indicate under what conditions the compound statement is true. Tanisha does not own a convertible but Joan owns a Volvo. 2. Determine whether the argument is valid or invalid. You may

I am having trouble with Venn Diagrams

I need help figuring out this concept of math: 1. Construct a Venn Diagram and answer the following questions. In a survey of four year college students and universities it was found that 356 offered a liberal arts degree. 293 offered a computer engineering degree. 285 offered a nursing degree. 193 offered a liberal arts

BCD format

Show all your work . 1) Perform the following operation using the BCD format. a. 45 * 28 2) Perform the following operations using the two's complementary representation using 8 bit numbers. a. 14 - 65 b. 125 + 13 3) Perform the following operations using the 8-digit, excess-50 floating-point notation. Use 0 to repre

Finite Mathematics Present Value

5 Mathematics of Finance 10. Find the amount of interst earned by each deposit $3954 at 8% compounded annually for 12 years. 20. Find the present value of each amount. Write the first four terms of the geometric sequence with a= 4 and r =1/2 28. Find the future value of each annuity. $500 depoisited at the end of e

Finite Math

Chapter 8 Counting Principles; Further Probability Topics 14. a basket contains 4 black, 2 blue and 5 green balls. A sample of 3 balls is drawn. Find the probabilities taht the sample contains the following: 2 black balls and 1 green ball 18. Suppose a family plans 6 children and the probability that a particular chil

Finite Mathematics: Interes, Foture values, Sinking Funds and Amortization.

20 MC Questions on mathematics of Finance. Example: 1. Find the present value of the future amount. Assume 365 days in a year. Round to the nearest cent. $18,350 for 119 days; money earns 3.3% A) $195.32 B) $18,156.30 C) $17,763.79 D) $18,154.68 2. Find the sum of the first five terms of the geometric sequence. a

Finite math problems

Please show your work in steps. Thank you! 32. Is it possible for two nonempty sets to have the same intersection and union? If so, give an example Let U = {2,3,4,5,7,9}; X= {2,3,4,5}; Y={3,5,7,9}; and Z= {2,5,4,7,9}. List the members of each set using set brackets. 42. a. In Example 6, what set do you get when you

Ordinal Subtraction Defined by Recursion

Please see the attached problem. I have attached some notes in case these are needed. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Proposition 2.7.9: For any pair of ordinals alpha and beta such that alpha <= beta, there is a unique ordinal gamma such that alpha + gamma = beta, so we can wr

Logic Math Solutions

Please help me find the solutions for each of the problems below and attached. Logic: Using a truth table to prove that A*(B+C) =A*B + A*C Consider the * operator to be the equivalent of _____ and the + operator to be equivalent to ___. State the number of distinct variables____ State the number of operations_____

Help with understanding the concept of sets

Example of Sets in applicable areas such as (market research, politics, medicine, etc.). For example, a college student may be in a particular category in a set depending on degree program: Degree = {Associate, Bachelor, Master, Ph.D.} and then a second related set might be the listing of the majors: Major = {Accounting, English

Arguments: Determine whether the arguments are valid by means of Venn diagrams. Write the truth functional form of the argument. Use the truth-table method/short truth-table method to determine if the argument is valid. Using the method of deduction, determine the argument's validity.

These are the 3 questions I need help with. I do not understand this. Please show all work in detail so that I understand this thing as this will help me in understanding the concepts. ---------------------------------------------------------------- 1. Determine whether the arguments are valid by means of Venn diagrams.

Write the negation for the statement

By Day 6, complete and submit your answers to the W3: Assignment 3 Dropbox. Here are symbols you may need:      U ∩  [ ] COPY AND PASTE! 1. (2 pts) Write the negation for the statement below. Someone in the family makes bread. 2. (2 pts) Let p, q, and r be the following statements:

Finite Mathematics - MATH 205 CheckPoint Assignment

INSTRUCTIONS: This is your checkpoint assignment for week 5. Each question is worth DIFFERENT POINTS AND SHOULD ALL TOTAL 30 points. Some questions will have subparts (a, b, c, etc.), these questions will be worth more points, so you should answer all subparts correctly to receive full credit. As specified in your syllabus,

Set Theory and venn diagrams

2. Describe (in words) a Universal Set U containing a great many items, such as "All humans" or "All countries." Then describe (in words) two different sets that belong to U. Describe (in words) the complement of each of these two sets. Do any members of the Universal Set U lie outside both your first set and its complement?

Venn Diagram

After running various advertisements, you have received the statistics from each market segmentation. A total of 1,800 ads were run to try and reach the various segments. The following lists the breakdown of each: 680 for a geographic location 500 based on demographics 440 based on psychographics 385 based on both geograp

Answers to puzzle for prison guards, fav. t.v show, etc.

Five security guards were busy cleaning inmate cells at Arkam Asylum. Each guard cleaned one inmates cell for whom they were friendly with, and each room needed items replaced. From the clues, determine the full name of each guard, what kind of TV shows each watched, what item each had to replace, and what room number each clean