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Discrete Math

Logic Puzzle: Truth and Lie

Somebody ate the sausages! Superman, The Flash, The Green Lantern, Batman, and Wonder Woman went out to lunch. Wonder Woman went to the ladies room just before the meal was brought out by the waiter. When she returned everyone had their food, but all of her sausage was missing from her plate. Wonder Woman loves sausage, so

Finite Math : Statistics, Interest and the Time Value of Money

1. (5 pts) Which of the following can never be a negative number? A. Sample variance B. Sample mean C. Maximum data value of a sample D. Median of a sample 2. (5 pts) Which of the following statements is true? A. Sample standard deviation is the ce

Finite math help

Nine total questions. please show work so I can understand and finish 1)A lumber yard has fixed costs of $1463.00 a day and variable costs of $1.00 per boardfootproduced. The company gets $2.40 per board-foot sold. How many board-feet mustbe produced daily to break even? 2)Use the echelon method to solve the system of th

Finite Math

Please see the attached file for the fully formatted problems. Please do all except 7,12,18. 1. Find the sum of the first five terms of the geometric sequence. a = , r = 2 A) B) C) D) 2. Find the compound interest earned by the deposit. Round to the nearest cent. $15,000 at 4% compounded quarterly for

Least squares

1.3 Exercises 6. Decrease in Banks The number of banks in the United States has dropped about 30% since 1992. The following data are from a survey in which x represents the years since 1900 and y corresponded to the number of banks, in thousands, in the United States.? n=10 Ex2 = 93,205 Ex=965 Exy=9165.1 Ey=95.3 Ey2

Communicate Mathematically

It has been said that students are often reluctant to communicate mathematically, and it is important for teachers to employ a variety of strategies to encourage discussion in the classroom. Describe and explain at least five strategies that encourage students to share their ideas, processes, and procedures used to solve v


1. Find the slope and the y-intercept of the line. 6y + 7x = -7 A) m = -7; b = -7 B) m = ; b = 0 C) m = - ; b = - D) m = 6; b = 0 2. Decide whether the pair of lines is parallel, perpendicular, or neither. The line through (-20, 5) and (-4, 7) and the line through and A) Parallel B) Perpendicular

Optimization: Method of Surplus Variables, Method of Duals and Shadow Costs

A store sells two brands of snacks. A package of Sun Hill costs $3 and contains 10 oz of peanuts, 4 oz of raisins, and 2 oz of rolled oats. A package of Bear Valley costs $2 and contains 2 oz of peanuts, 4 oz of raisins, and 8 oz of rolled oats. Suppose you wish to make a mixture that contains at least 20 oz of peanuts, 24 oz

Positive Integers, Successive Numbers and Gray Codes

PROBLEM: For what N is it possible to list all the positive integers less than N in a Gray code, i.e., in such a way that successive numbers differ in exactly one position when the numbers are represented in binary form? For example, we can do so for N = 4 since the numbers 1, 2, 3 can be listed as 01, 11, 10 in binary form, whe

Probability, Statistics, and Interest

See attachments As the prize in a contest you are offered $1000 now or $1210 in 5 years. If money can be invested at 6% compounded annually, which is larger?

Probability and Set Theory (25 Questions)

MULTIPLE CHOICE. Choose the one alternative that best completes the statement or answers the question. Find the probability. Solve the problem. 1) How many 6-digit numbers can be formed using the digits 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, if repetitions of digits are allowed? 1) _______ A) 899,999 six-digit number


9-16 Identify one or more control procedures (either general or application controls, or both) that would guard against each of the following errors or problems. 1).A bank deposit transaction was accidentally coded with a withdrawal code. 2).The key-entry operator keyed in the purchase order number as a nine-digit number instead

Sets, Subsets and Venn Diagrams

1. (3 points) - If A  B and B  C, can you conclude that A  C? Can you conclude that A  C? Definitions of symbols: ⊂ "is a proper subset of" ⊆ "is a subset of" ⊄ "is not a subset of" 1) Yes. All of the elements in A are in B, and all of the elements in B are in

Comparisons to Complete Given Tasks

A. You are given a list of n names (all of the names are distinct) with instructions to put them in alphabetical order. How many comparisons are necessary to accomplish your task? B. After you have accomplished the task to part a, you are given another name. How many comparisons are necessary to place this name in its place i

Question about Relation - Ordered Pairs

See attached 5. Let A = {a, b, c} , and let R be the relation defined on A by the following matrix: MR = (a) Describe R by listing the ordered pairs in R and draw the digraph of this relation. (b) Which of the properties: reflexive, antisymmetric and transitive are true for the given relation? Begin your dis

How Many Chickens was the Truck Originally Carrying

Pigeon Driver The red semi-truck driver was new in town and didn't realize the danger in having the little pigeon sit in the driver's seat while he went in to check on a few things. Finding the key still in the ignition, the pigeon's big round eyes lit up with joy! As the pigeon sped around the corner and over the curb, 6

Finite Problems

Please answer all the questions and give a detailed explanation for each. (see attached) 1. Use the echelon method to solve the system 2. Use the Gauss-Jordan method to solve the system of equations 3. A cable TV company charges $23 for the basic service plus $5 for each movie channel. Let C(x) be the total cost in

Finite Mathematics - Probability - Mean Unknotting Time

My question is as follows: Suppose that you are given a simple chain of length N beads, and in this chain you tie one knot in the centre. You perform an experiment 25 times in which each time you place the chain on a vibrating plate and measure how long it takes to unknot and you make a list of the un-knotting times as follow

Probability questions - Please help and show work. Thank you.1. In a small class of 10 students, 3 did not do their ...2. Suppose a card is drawn at random from an ordinary deck ...

Please help and show work. Provide step by step calculations for each. Thank you. 1. In a small class of 10 students, 3 did not do their homework. The professor selects half of the class to present solutions to homework problems on the board, and records how many of those selected did not do their homework. (a) give a probabi

Finite Mathematics for Commercial and Business Loans

A bank has set aside a maximum of $25 million for commercial and home loans. Every million dollars in commercial loans requires 2 lengthy application forms, while every million dollars in home loans requires 3 lengthy application forms. The bank cannot process more than 72 application forms at this time. The bank's policy is to

Sub Algorithms Base Values

? Write a sub-algorithm (subroutine) that given a number N in base 10 and a base value Base between 2 and 10 (inclusive), returns the representation of the decimal value N in the desired Base. For example, given N = 25, and Base = 2, it should return 11001. Algorithm: Base_10_to_Any_Base 1.0 Given: 1.1 an inte

Economic analysis

See attached Ken Chang, a production analyst for SharpEase Company, has prepared the following information for the production of a new electric pencil sharpener. Prepare an assembly chart for the product. Component List for Model D-41 Sharpener Component Description Component Code Predecessor Component Code (

Relations Partial Ordering

Qu1) Is it true that ρ(AUB)= ρ(A) U ρ(B)? justify your answer. Qu2) Consider the function f:A→A defined by f(x)=x+1 and justify your answers. a) For A=ν (integers) is f onto? b) For A=R(real number) is f injective? c) For A=Q (rationals) is f onto? d) For A=Z(all integers) is f a bijection? Q3) a) Let f : R→R

Finite Math

Show all work and any explanations so that I will understand how to work the problems. See attached... Math 212 Finite Mathematics Show all work and any explanations: 1) An unprepared student takes a three-question, true/false quiz in which he guesses the answers to all three questions, so each answer is equal

Prove that every ideal of F[x], where F is any field, is principal

An ideal I of a commutative ring R is said to be principal if it is generated by a single element, that is, if I is of the form {ra|r element of R} for some fixed a element of R. Notice that Corollary 6.6 (below) shows that ideals of F[x] of the form I_F,a are principal. Now prove that every ideal of F[x], where F is any fi