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    Bit Strings

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    A bit string is a string of bits (0â??s and 1â??s). The length of a bit string is the number of bits in the string. An example, of a bit string of length four is 0010. An example, of a bit string of length five is 11010. Use the Rule of Products to determine the following:

    (a) How many bit strings are there of length eight? Explain
    (b) How many bit strings are there of length eight which begin with a 1 and end with a 0? Explain

    For your information question 9 part a could have been stated the following way. Computers use bit strings of length 8, called bytes, to represent the characters (letters both upper case and lower case, punctuation symbols, [, {, the integers 0 through 9 etc) on a key board. The Extended ASCII code is one such coding system. Some examples of this code are: â??aâ? is represented by 01100001, â??Aâ? is represented by 01000001 and â??{â?? is represented by 01111011 and the number 1 is represented by 00000001. How may such symbols can be described using a byte?

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    a. There are 2^8 or 256 bit strings that have a length of 8. The combination starts from 00000000 to 11111111. A bit is represented by 2 numbers '1' and '0', so as the ...

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