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    Evaluate Bit Strings

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    Please help answer the following questions.

    How many bit strings of length 6?
    How many bit strings of length 6 is there that begin with 0 or end with a 1?
    How many bit strings of length 8 are there which contain exactly 3 ones?
    How many bit strings of length 8 are palindromes?

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    Let me try to explain what the problem is trying to ask you and give some definitions and concepts behind it.

    First of all what is a bit string?
    Bit string is an array which stores bits. As simple as that!
    Ex: number 7 can be represented by 3 bit string 111 or a 4 bit string 0111.
    Note: Bits are 0 and 1. And we are assuming binary system here.

    If I give you 2 bit string, how many combinations of 0s and 1s you can come up with?
    Well , let's see
    Pattern for 2 bit string

    So answer is I can come up with 4 different combinations
    If I give you 3 bit string, if you do the same exercise as above, you ...

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    In this solution, Bit Strings of length N are evaluated for different types. Ex Begin with 0 , End with 1.