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Discrete Math

Outs in Baseball Games

Please see attachment How many outs are there in a baseball game that lasts nine innings?....

Question about Relation - Ordered Pairs

See attached 5. Let A = {a, b, c} , and let R be the relation defined on A by the following matrix: MR = (a) Describe R by listing the ordered pairs in R and draw the digraph of this relation. (b) Which of the properties: reflexive, antisymmetric and transitive are true for the given relation? Begin your dis

How Many Chickens was the Truck Originally Carrying

Pigeon Driver The red semi-truck driver was new in town and didn't realize the danger in having the little pigeon sit in the driver's seat while he went in to check on a few things. Finding the key still in the ignition, the pigeon's big round eyes lit up with joy! As the pigeon sped around the corner and over the curb, 6

Finance : Interest and Withdrawal Calculation

Hal deposited $100 a month in an account paying 9% per annum compounded monthly for 25 years. After 25 years, he stops making deposits. Over the next 35 years, Hal withdraws the same amount of money monthly. What amount does Hal withdraw monthly so his account has a $0 balance at the conclusion of the 35 year period? (Plea

Venn diagram and word problem

See attachment Use a Venn diagram to determine whether... 23. In a television game show, there are five questions to answer. Each question is worth twice as much as the previous question. If the last question was worth $6400, what was the first question worth?

Finite Problems

Please answer all the questions and give a detailed explanation for each. (see attached) 1. Use the echelon method to solve the system 2. Use the Gauss-Jordan method to solve the system of equations 3. A cable TV company charges $23 for the basic service plus $5 for each movie channel. Let C(x) be the total cost in

Finite Mathematics - Probability - Mean Unknotting Time

My question is as follows: Suppose that you are given a simple chain of length N beads, and in this chain you tie one knot in the centre. You perform an experiment 25 times in which each time you place the chain on a vibrating plate and measure how long it takes to unknot and you make a list of the un-knotting times as follow

Probability questions - Please help and show work. Thank you.1. In a small class of 10 students, 3 did not do their ...2. Suppose a card is drawn at random from an ordinary deck ...

Please help and show work. Provide step by step calculations for each. Thank you. 1. In a small class of 10 students, 3 did not do their homework. The professor selects half of the class to present solutions to homework problems on the board, and records how many of those selected did not do their homework. (a) give a probabi

Finite Mathematics for Commercial and Business Loans

A bank has set aside a maximum of $25 million for commercial and home loans. Every million dollars in commercial loans requires 2 lengthy application forms, while every million dollars in home loans requires 3 lengthy application forms. The bank cannot process more than 72 application forms at this time. The bank's policy is to

Mathematics - Finite Mathematics

An AAA bond yielding a 10% return and a BB bond yielding a 15% return. Invest as much in AAA bond as in the BB bond, at least $5000 in the AAA bond and no more than $8000 in the BB bond. How much should she invest in each to maximize her return.

Mathematics - Finite Mathematics for Carmels and Creams.

Sweet Delight Candies, Inc., sells boxes of candy consisting of creams and caramels. Each box sells for $4 and holds 50 pieces of candy (all pieces are the same size). If the caramels cost $0.05 to produce and the creams cost $0.10 to produce, how many caramels and creams should be in each box for no profit and no loss? Would

Sub Algorithms Base Values

? Write a sub-algorithm (subroutine) that given a number N in base 10 and a base value Base between 2 and 10 (inclusive), returns the representation of the decimal value N in the desired Base. For example, given N = 25, and Base = 2, it should return 11001. Algorithm: Base_10_to_Any_Base 1.0 Given: 1.1 an inte

Economic analysis

See attached Ken Chang, a production analyst for SharpEase Company, has prepared the following information for the production of a new electric pencil sharpener. Prepare an assembly chart for the product. Component List for Model D-41 Sharpener Component Description Component Code Predecessor Component Code (

Relations Partial Ordering

Qu1) Is it true that ρ(AUB)= ρ(A) U ρ(B)? justify your answer. Qu2) Consider the function f:A→A defined by f(x)=x+1 and justify your answers. a) For A=ν (integers) is f onto? b) For A=R(real number) is f injective? c) For A=Q (rationals) is f onto? d) For A=Z(all integers) is f a bijection? Q3) a) Let f : R→R

Finite Math

Show all work and any explanations so that I will understand how to work the problems. See attached... Math 212 Finite Mathematics Show all work and any explanations: 1) An unprepared student takes a three-question, true/false quiz in which he guesses the answers to all three questions, so each answer is equal

Prove that every ideal of F[x], where F is any field, is principal

An ideal I of a commutative ring R is said to be principal if it is generated by a single element, that is, if I is of the form {ra|r element of R} for some fixed a element of R. Notice that Corollary 6.6 (below) shows that ideals of F[x] of the form I_F,a are principal. Now prove that every ideal of F[x], where F is any fi

DeMorgan Law and converse statements

Write the negation of the conditional statement. 1. If I am in Seoul, then I am in Korea. 2. Write the nonequivalent converse and inverse of the statement. If you are getting a haircut , then you are not studying 3. Use the De Morgan law that states : ~( p ^ q) is equivalent to ~p v ~q 4. to write an eq

Mathematics - Binomial and Poisson probabilities

Objective: Calculate binomial and Poisson probabilities. 1) Chapter 5: Problem 5.5 (binomial) Solve the following problems by using the binomial formula. a. If n = 4 and p = .10 , find P(x = 3) . b. If n = 7 and p = .80 , find P(x = 4) . c. If n = 10 and p = .60 , find P(x ≥ 7) . d. If n = 12 and p = .45

Venn Diagram

Solve this problem using a Venn diagram. please submit the diagram Thanks. In a survey of 280 people , a travel company asked people about places they plan to visit in the next five years . The results were as follows: 48 plan to visit Europe 58 plan to visit Latin America 34 plan to visit Asia 14 plan to visi

Convert Compound Statement

Convert the symbolic compound statement into words. 1. p represents the statement "Her name is Lisa." q represents the statement "She lives in Chicago." Translate the following compound statement into words: ~p 2. p represents the statement" Her name is Lisa" q represents the statement " She lives in Chicag

Sets and Venn diagrams..

Let U = { all soda pops}, Let A ={ all diet soda pops} B={ all cola soda pops}, C= { all soda cola pops in cans}, D = all caffeine -free soda pops}. Describe the sets in words. a.(A intersect B) intersect C' b. (A u D) intersect C' c.(A' intersect B')u C d. (A-D) intersect B e. (B intersect C') u (C intersect B

1. Mrs Bollo's second grade class of thirty student conducted a pet ownership survey . Results of the survey indicate that eight students own a cat, 15 students own a dog, and 5 students ...

1. Mrs Bollo's second grade class of thirty student conducted a pet ownership survey . Results of the survey indicate that eight students own a cat, 15 students own a dog, and 5 students own both a cat and a dog, How many of the students surveyed own only a cat? 2. Please use a venn diagram to answer the questions? At east

Critical thinking logic problem

Consider the following six" postulates" Art, Bev, Cheryl , Dot and Ed all attend the same college where one is a freshman, one is a sophomore, one is a junior, one is a senior and one is a graduate student. - Art, Bev, and Cheryl have not yet completed . - Bev is one year ahead of Ed - Ed is not a freshman - Art is in a hi

Mathematical Logic of Affirmative Policies

Translate the following argument in symbolic form and determine whether it's logically correct by constructing a truth table. If affirmative action policies are adopted, then minorities will be hired. If minorities get hired, then discrimination will be addressed. Therefore, if affirmative action policies are adopted, then d

Finite Math

Attached is a study guide for my final exam in Finite Math. I need help with these questions. Thanks, Perform the indicated operations. Give the answer in lowest terms. 1) x/x^2 -16 - 6/x^2+5x+4 A )x^2-5x+24/(x-4)(x+4) B) x^2-5x+24/(x-4)(x+4)(x+1) C) x^2+5x+24/(x-4)(x+4)(x+1) D) x^2-5/(x-4)(x+4)(x+1) Perfor