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How many outs are there in a baseball game that lasts nine innings?....

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This provides an example of solving a variety of word problems, including distance, logic, sum of consecutive odd integers, Euler circles, fixed-point and scientific notation, and infinite or finite sets.

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(38) The first volume is 38 + 2 + 2 = 42 mm thick, so the second volume is
(19/17) x 42 = 46.94 mm thick. Since the worm travels from the first page of the first
volume, to the last page of the second volume, the worm travels

(42 - 2) + (46.94 - 2) = 42 + 46.94 - 4 = 84.94 mm.

(52) A full inning consists of 6 outs. If there are no extra innings, and the visiting team wins,
then there are 9 x 6 = 54 outs.


1. he brings the goose over
2. he brings the fox over and picks the goose back up and brings the goose back over
3. he sets the goose down and picks up the corn and brings it over
4. he brings the goose ...

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