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    Truth tables and logic

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    1. Construct a truth table for p → ~q

    2. Construct a truth table for (~p V q) ↔ q

    3. Let p represent the statement, "Jim plays football", and let q represent "Michael plays basketball". Convert the compound statements into symbols. It is not the case that Jim does not play football or Michael does not play basketball.

    4. Write the compound statement in words.

    Let p = The monitor is included.
    q = The color printer is optional.

    ~(p V q)

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    1. Construct a truth table for p → ~q

    p q ~q p ~q

    T T F F
    T F T T
    F T F T
    F F T T

    Write down all possible combinations of truth values of p, q, and ~q. Then the truth values of p ~q will all be true expect when a true statement ...

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    Truth tables are given for two compound statements and one compound symbolic statement is written in word form.