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Discrimination and Harrassment

Religious Discrimination

Cara has been employed by Dalton Department Store for 10 years as a sales associate in the women's department. After she became a Muslim, she decided to wear a burka, a full-body cloak, with a small mesh-like screen to see through. When she reported for work wearing burka, her employer told her that she was in violation of the c

Religious Discrimination

Discuss the background of religious discrimination and give some contemporary issues./ 200 words

The Foggy Bottom Sheriff's Department Agility Tests

The Foggy Bottom Sheriff's Department requires all applicants for deputy sheriff to pass a pre-employment agility test. It requires an applicant to do 30 sit-ups in one minute, 25 pushups with no time limit, run 300 meters in 1 minute 11 seconds and drag a 165 pound dummy for a distance of 40 feet in 1 minute. Lisa McGregor fail

Victor's Casino and Resort Spa Dress Code

Question 3 Cassidy applies for a job as a combination bartender and server at Victor's Casino and Resort Spa. The interview process includes a tour of one of the bar areas at the casino. Cassidy notices that the male bar tenders and servers are all wearing tuxedos. The female bar tenders and servers, who are also known as "Vi

Wright Brothers, LLC and Transgender Employees

Stephanie is transgendered. Prior to becoming a woman, she was employed in the accounting department at Wright Brothers, LLC. She was fired after reporting to work dressed as a woman. Answer Stephanie has a cause of action under Title VII for gender discrimination against her former employer because she was fired for being

City of Healing Springs Gender Discrimination

The police chief of the City of Healing Springs has suggested that female patrol officers seek transfers away from high crime areas because he has heard rumors that male officers do not want to have female officers present in dangerous situations and might not support the female officers in the event that physical force is neede

Bright View Home Decorating Dress Code

The dress code for Bright View Home Decorating required employees to report for work dressed in "smart casual clothes." This meant that male employees could wear open collar sport shirts and women could wear slacks. However, when the district manager was scheduled to visit the Village of Upper Edge location, the Upper Edge store

The Equal Pay Act: Jill and Seth

Jill and Seth, recent graduates, were hired as computer analysts for HRJ Enterprises. In a conversation over lunch, Jill discovered that Seth's salary was 15% higher than hers. Assuming that she was being paid less because she was female, Jill contacted the human resources department demanding that her salary be increased by 15%

White Swan Motors Affirmative Action Plan

White Swan Motors practice of hiring only applicants recommended by its employees has been found to have an adverse impact on non-White applicants. White Swan plans to implement a voluntary affirmative action plan. Which of the following actions is not available to White Swan as part of its plan? - Training and programs, includ

Employment Law Sexual Harassment Scenario

- Based upon the scenario below, does the employee have a legally viable claim for quid pro quo sexual harassment and/or hostile environment sexual harassment? What is the likely outcome? - Analyze the legal factors for the potential claim(s) in the context of the employee pursuing legal action against the employer. - Let'