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White Swan Motors Affirmative Action Plan

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White Swan Motors practice of hiring only applicants recommended by its employees has been found to have an adverse impact on non-White applicants. White Swan plans to implement a voluntary affirmative action plan. Which of the following actions is not available to White Swan as part of its plan?
- Training and programs, including on-the-job training, for minorities to enable them to develop the skills and experience necessary to perform jobs at White Swan.
- Recruiting activity that is extensive and focused on identifying minority applicants for jobs at White Swan.
- Designate certain positions at White Swan to be filled by minority applicants.
- Training of existing employees on the elements of the affirmative action plan.

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We know that the company is hiring based off of recommendations from current employees and we can gather from the facts that the employee base is predominantly Caucasian. We know this because the facts state that by following their current method, all non-Whites are at a disadvantage. Therefore, the company is hiring mainly Caucasians. Let's look at each answer.

Training and programs, ...

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This solution explains which of the actions listed is the action that White Swan Motors cannot take when implementing an affirmative action plan.