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    On Affirmative Action

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    Question 1
    What are the rights protected under affirmative action?

    Question 2:
    Are the rights of white males protected under Affirmative Action? Why or why not?

    Question 3

    Does Affirmative Action require the meeting of quotas? Why or why not?

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    Question 1
    What are the rights protected under affirmative action?
    In order to answer the question, one must first understand what Affirmative Action is and where it originated.

    Affirmative Action is a program that was put in place to further enhance the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and was put into place by two executive orders in an effort to balance the rights described in the 1964 act. The Equal Employment Opportunities Corporation of 1972 was the office set up to enforce the policies.

    The rights are to ensure that minorities and women are not discriminated against on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, or national origin within the workplace, primarily federal and state jobs. However; it is important to note that this is followed in the private sector as well.

    One definition is:
    "Positive or constructive action rather than inaction. Affirmative action programs and regulations attempt to compensate for discriminatory practices that have in the past denied fair consideration to members of minority groups. For example, an all-white government office may take steps to hire people of color. Or, a mostly-male college program may seek to balance its admissions by giving preference to female applicants. Affirmative action programs are controversial in the present political climate - many have recently been eradicated or have come under attack -- and the subject is likely to be hotly debated for many years to come". (nolo.com)

    I think this definition puts Affirmative Action more into perspective. It is important to ...

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    This response covers the rights protected by Affirmative Action. It also discusses as to whether white males can be protected under Affirmative Action. There is a concern about quotas.