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Administrative Law


Pilot was the owner of a small passenger plane. To help pay for the costs of fuel and maintenance, Pilot would occasionally take small groups of paid passengers on short flights. One afternoon, Dan hired Pilot to take Dan on a 2-hour flight from the airport where Pilot's plane was located to another small airport in a nearby sta

LVAD case study

a. What facts and what precedents or legal principles might a court consider critical to determining whether physicians can legally turn off the LVAD device? b. Is an LVAD, once implanted, a part of the patient or the patient's organ; or is it, like a ventilator, a form of life support that is routinely d

Whistle blower results

Select a current newspaper article on the topic covered in this lesson. Summarize and discuss the key legal issue or issues addressed in the article, including the relevant facts. What role could or did an effective Corporate Compliance Program, whistle blower(s), and/or the federal government play in the outcome of the event re

Echazabal v. Chevron USA is addressed.

Your case analysis will be based on Echazabal v. Chevron USA, Inc. starting on page 180 of the text. I would like for you to address the following questions and issues : I. Summaries the relevant facts of the case. II. What are the central issues presented in the case that were decided by the court? III. What laws were rel

Summarize law and ethics in this case.

Read the Saray Perez v. Wyeth Laboratories Inc. case starting on page 271 of your text and then address the following questions: 1) What is the Learned Intermediary Rule? Explain the context in which it became law. 2) On what legal grounds does the majority believe that the Learned Intermediary Rule does not apply where dr

SEC is investigated.

1.In January, 2010, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) voted to provide public companies with interpretive guidance on SEC disclosure requirements as they apply to business or legal developments related to climate change. Find out what advice the SEC has given. What impact would you expect this requirement to have on t


-According to the majority opinion in the Lucas case, what two types of regulatory action automatically trigger compensation as takings, without a court needing to examine the circumstances in a case-specific way? -Why does the dissent object to the takings approach laid out by the majority? -Can cities take private


1.Judge Weiner points out that Smyth's e-mail messages were "voluntarily" placed on the Pillsbury system, and that Pillsbury never forced the kind of disclosure that goes along with urine testing for drugs, for example. In a sense, the judge is saying that Smyth consented to the monitoring. Do you agree? 2.What impact has 9/11

The Management/Clinician Relationship in Hospitals

Please identify the three main reasons, in your opinion, why it is necessary to create strong relationships with clinicians in today's health care system and from a manager's perspective (at least two references). See the attached file.

Donn Milton, Dr., v. IIT Research Institute is summarized.

Read the Donn Milton, Dr., v. IIT Research Institute on page 32-33 of the text attached. After reading the case, answer the following questions: 1) What does employment-at-will mean? 2) In legal terms, why did Milton lose her case? 3) The court here expresses concern that, if Dr. Milton were permitted to win, it would

Tips for managing a hospital are embedded.

You are the Manager/CEO of a hospital and you convinced the Board to proceed with hiring three physicians as employees. describing what three type of physician specialists you would hire and why. What are the legal parameters to consider, how would you establish compensation guarantees, what productivity standards and referra

Hospital Management

You are the Manager/CEO of a small rural hospital and you have a definitive management style (your style). identify your management style and how you would incorporate your style with managing an eighty bed hospital in rural America. What is your professional posture with the community, the different types of employees, and m

Correctional Facility Security Levels

Please explain the difference between secure and non secure facilities giving examples of each and the level of violation or criminal charge that would require secure or non secure sanctions. Is the trend toward secure or non-secure? What are the advantages and disadvantages of each?

Domestic Violence tutorial

Where can I find resources? *how to approach a domestic violence situation when responding to an emergency call

Help needed with state court decision

Political scientists study and dissect the unique divisions of law-making authority between the national government as a centralized power source, and the fifty state governments as local law makers, but we also care about and study national vs. state power-sharing in judicial decision-making as well. Just as the U.S. Constitut

U.S. Court's power of judicial review

It is often agreed that the chief weapon of a Court is the power of judicial review. In the United States Constitution there is no specific mention of such a power yet few would seriously contend that no such power exists. a) What are the sources of the U.S. Court's power of judicial review? b) How was judicial review ex

Right to counsel

Explain when the right to counsel attaches, when it does not apply, and the significance of Gideon v. Wainwright. Do you agree with these procedures? Why or why not? How has the right to counsel impacted the criminal justice system? What changes to right to counsel would you suggest?

Legal Terms

Explain the differences between detainment, arrest, formal arrest, and custody. Compose a brief, realistic scenario that illustrates each of these situations.

Foodmart, Inc. Paper

*Please help with the following scenario questions by answering in detail and cite all references please: Foodmart, Inc. is a retail grocery store chain based in Any State, U.S.A. Foodmart has stores throughout the United States. Brian McDonald works as the produce manager for the store in My Town, U.S.A. Jeremy Atwater, 17

Ethics & Jurisprudence in dental practice are noted.

Guiding questions: What do you think is the most critical aspect of Risk Management in dental practice? How do you think this will affect your dental hygiene practice? Will you change or adjust any of your risk management behavior? Did you learn anything from the study of risk management that was new to you?

Motion to be granted after conviction on murder is demonstrated.

If I was standing in my front yard with a knife in hand it had blood all over it and someone call 911 and an officer approach me and asked me "what happened"? and I stated,"I just stabbed my husband to his death." I was arrested and later convicted of second degree murder. My attorney asked to have the motion suppress. Should th

Contract Law - Michel Vick, the former football player

Michel Vick, the former football player for the Atlanta Falcons plead guilty sometime ago to federal charges. Recently, Michael Vick was ordered by an arbitrator to pay back 19.9 million dollars of his signing bonus from the Falcons. In your opinion, are the Falcons due the monies? In addition, should Michael Vick be permitted t

Florida v. Jimeno

I just can't seen to get going on these questions and have never written a case brief before. I am at a loss where to start. In the case of Florida v. Enio Jimeno: a.What is the correct citation of the case? b.On what page does the court's decision begin? c.Is it proper to quote anything prior to this page? d.Which Justi

Flow of Case Management System

Discuss how the corrections system uses case management software to more efficiently and safely handle prisoner rehabilitation and transfers. Explain what might happen if two prisoners from rival gangs were made cell mates at the local prison because of a file mix up. Please provide references used. Thank you for your ass

Waste Disposal: Legal Issues

I am trying to figure what is the the legal issues or the breakdown. I need some type of examples to give me an idea. During its summer maintenance shutdown, Damien Universal Metal Products cleaned hazardous sludge from its plating tanks. To avoid exorbitant disposal charges, Lucy Furr, DUMP's operations manager, pours the sl

Administrative Policies

Please assist so that I can complete this assignment: In community oriented policing, the law enforcement agency becomes a de facto coordinator for various community stakeholders, many of which are independent agencies with a role in community affairs. One of the toughest parts of this role is to gain commitment, and not just

Pros and Cons of Legal Moralism

Legal moralism; "the law can prohibit behaviors that conflict with society's moral views even when those behaviors are not physically or emotionally harmful to others." What are the pros and cons of it as a justification for law? Do we agree or disagree with legal moralism?