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Administrative Law

Case Study - Legal Issue

Please help write a 2-3 page case study on a legal issue that I am having problems coming up with. Can you help me with coming up with a legal issue and apply the format scheme below? The topic or regulation can be for example: a state or federal law, local ordinace, state common law or an administrative rule. Format: I

Case analysis

1. With what offence were the defendants convicted? Was this a statutory offence or a common law offence? 2. What consequence(s) flowed from this categorisation? 3. List the grounds of appeal. 4. Taking each ground of appeal in turn, summarise the arguments put forward by counsel for the Crown as well as counsel for the de

Walks students through a brief.

What information should I include and what format should I use for briefing a court case such as Shell v. R.W. Sturge, Ltd.?

COPPS Philosophy and the SARA Method

You are the captain in the police department's special response unit. You unit normally handles many special projects for the chief of police, from providing officers for parades and demonstrations to targeting an area in which there is serious ongoing crime problems. Your chief, who insists on using the Community Policing and P

Legal Systems - Dispute Summary

Dispute Summary: Identify a current or past dispute in an organization that has been resolved informally or has resulted in some form of legal process (e.g., grievance, agency complaint, arbitration, or litigation). This may be a dispute between or among any of the organization's stakeholders (e.g. employee-employee, employee-su

Legal Process Paper

John is an employee in a private sector organization. He wants to file a discrimination complaint against his employer. Write answer explaining the discrimination complaint and civil litigation processes. In your paper, explain how the complaint begins with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) and proceeds thr

Guardianship Importance and Procedures

Can you please explain why guardianship is necessary, what procedures are involved and why these are important and discuss any abuses or problem areas you see within this area.

Advance Directives

Can you please explain the purposes, and any legal problems you see inherent in the use of advance directives.