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    Administrative Law

    Contract Law - Michel Vick, the former football player

    Michel Vick, the former football player for the Atlanta Falcons plead guilty sometime ago to federal charges. Recently, Michael Vick was ordered by an arbitrator to pay back 19.9 million dollars of his signing bonus from the Falcons. In your opinion, are the Falcons due the monies? In addition, should Michael Vick be permitted t

    Florida v. Jimeno

    I just can't seen to get going on these questions and have never written a case brief before. I am at a loss where to start. In the case of Florida v. Enio Jimeno: a.What is the correct citation of the case? b.On what page does the court's decision begin? c.Is it proper to quote anything prior to this page? d.Which Justi

    Flow of Case Management System

    Discuss how the corrections system uses case management software to more efficiently and safely handle prisoner rehabilitation and transfers. Explain what might happen if two prisoners from rival gangs were made cell mates at the local prison because of a file mix up. Please provide references used. Thank you for your ass

    Waste Disposal: Legal Issues

    I am trying to figure what is the the legal issues or the breakdown. I need some type of examples to give me an idea. During its summer maintenance shutdown, Damien Universal Metal Products cleaned hazardous sludge from its plating tanks. To avoid exorbitant disposal charges, Lucy Furr, DUMP's operations manager, pours the sl

    Administrative Policies

    Please assist so that I can complete this assignment: In community oriented policing, the law enforcement agency becomes a de facto coordinator for various community stakeholders, many of which are independent agencies with a role in community affairs. One of the toughest parts of this role is to gain commitment, and not just

    Pros and Cons of Legal Moralism

    Legal moralism; "the law can prohibit behaviors that conflict with society's moral views even when those behaviors are not physically or emotionally harmful to others." What are the pros and cons of it as a justification for law? Do we agree or disagree with legal moralism?

    Management theories

    Law enforcement administrators use a variety of management styles to set policies and make decisions. In some instances, an immediate decision is required and an authoritative type of style is utilized. In others, more time is available in which to make decisions and a more deliberate approach is possible. Consider the follow

    Describe the missions, structure and service areas of three organizations

    Go to the Library to conduct your research on three large (law enforcement) agencies. Describe the missions of the three agencies, its organizational structure, and the major areas of its services. Compare what you have designed for a mission statement for your agency in your discussion board against the actual mission statement

    Preventive law is shown.

    Think of a law, current or proposed, that is intended to make people better off by preventing them from engaging in voluntary behavior that may harm them. Does the law achieve its goal? What unintended consequences may result from enacting or enforcing the law? Are people actually made better off by the law? Are there other, les

    Obscene Publications Act 1959

    Hello , I need an outline for the following Question. Answer the following problem based on R v Gibson [1991] 1 All ER 439. You need rely only on this case and the statutory provisions in it; it is not required or necessary that you do any other reading. The British Museum has put on display a classical vase from Ancient G

    Case Study - Legal Issue

    Please help write a 2-3 page case study on a legal issue that I am having problems coming up with. Can you help me with coming up with a legal issue and apply the format scheme below? The topic or regulation can be for example: a state or federal law, local ordinace, state common law or an administrative rule. Format: I

    Case analysis

    1. With what offence were the defendants convicted? Was this a statutory offence or a common law offence? 2. What consequence(s) flowed from this categorisation? 3. List the grounds of appeal. 4. Taking each ground of appeal in turn, summarise the arguments put forward by counsel for the Crown as well as counsel for the de

    Walks students through a brief.

    What information should I include and what format should I use for briefing a court case such as Shell v. R.W. Sturge, Ltd.?

    COPPS Philosophy and the SARA Method

    You are the captain in the police department's special response unit. You unit normally handles many special projects for the chief of police, from providing officers for parades and demonstrations to targeting an area in which there is serious ongoing crime problems. Your chief, who insists on using the Community Policing and P

    Employment Law: Discrimination Example Problems

    I need your help answering these questions on legal process; This is the scenario bill is an employee in a private sector organization. He wants to file a discrimination complaint against his employer. 1. Explain the discrimination complaint and civil litigation processes. 2. Explain how the complain begins with the Equ

    Legal Systems - Dispute Summary

    Dispute Summary: Identify a current or past dispute in an organization that has been resolved informally or has resulted in some form of legal process (e.g., grievance, agency complaint, arbitration, or litigation). This may be a dispute between or among any of the organization's stakeholders (e.g. employee-employee, employee-su

    Process for Bringing a Discrimination Suit in the US Courts

    John is an employee in a private sector organization. He wants to file a discrimination complaint against his employer. Write answer explaining the discrimination complaint and civil litigation processes. Explain how the complaint begins with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) and proceeds through the civil

    Guardianship Importance and Procedures

    Can you please explain why guardianship is necessary, what procedures are involved and why these are important and discuss any abuses or problem areas you see within this area.

    Advance Directives

    Can you please explain the purposes, and any legal problems you see inherent in the use of advance directives.

    Explanation of Institutional Abuse

    Can you please describe "institutional abuse" as you understand it, and if you know of any; examples. These may be from your own experience or from the media. State how you see the rights and duties of the parties have not been met and the results.