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    Legal Systems - Dispute Summary

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    Dispute Summary: Identify a current or past dispute in an organization that has been resolved informally or has resulted in some form of legal process (e.g., grievance, agency complaint, arbitration, or litigation). This may be a dispute between or among any of the organization's stakeholders (e.g. employee-employee, employee-supervisor, company-vendor, company-customer, company-competitor, company-community). 1,050-1750 word summary of the dispute and your analysis of the effectiveness of the dispute resolution process.

    The dispute does not have to be resolved. The idea is to focus on legal issues in the workplace and the merhods uses for resolution. I would like your opinion on the issues.

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    Employee disputes with Wal-Mart or Tyson Foods are always good topics for dispute resolution, as well as employee disputes that are resolved through the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. Check out Findlaw.com for information on these disputes, or maybe eeoc.gov. There currently is a dispute among pilots and employers at Delta Airlines, so maybe this also would be a good topic on which to write.

    Don't forget about mediation, a form of alternative dispute resolution in which a neutral third-party (mediator) helps the disputing parties work out their problems by asking them questions and getting the parties to come to a workable solution on their own. The parties are always in a better situation to know what can ...

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