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    Immigration and Unemployed Americans

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    In May of 2011, the US Chamber of Commerce raised an issue considered by many as true: namely, "[e]very job filled by an immigrant - especially an illegal immigrant - is a job that could be filled by an unemployed American." What is the answer according to the US Chamber of Commerce? On what does it base its position? What would YOUR view be and why?

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    According to the United States Chamber of Commerce, immigrants significantly benefit the US economy. They create new employment opportunities and have a positive impact on wage rates as well. The US Chamber is working to promote regulatory and policy reforms in hopes that controlling immigration laws will lead to improvements within the immigration system.

    The US Chamber believes that if most and maybe all of the unauthorized immigrants currently working in America were to be removed from the country, there would still not be as many job openings for unemployed Americans. Americans and immigrant workers do not possess the same skills thus the only outcome of ...

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    Immigrants create jobs as consumers, entrepreneurs and inventors. The number of jobs to which Americans would accept would also decrease because the need for jobs would decrease. Immigrants also encourage wage increases amongst native born workers.