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    The Benefits and Weaknesses of Bureaucratic Discretion

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    Discuss the benefits and weakness of bureaucratic discretion to public sector management. How does administrative responsibility contribute to the attainment of public interest? Why is the issue of illegal immigration a good example of the intergovernmental relations mess in the US? What are the pros and cons of the politics administration dichotomy as espoused by Wildrow Wilson?

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    One of the benefits of bureaucratic discretion to public-sector management, is that the actions that government officials take in respect to managing public-sector issues, are taken in accordance with established guidelines and rules that ensure that the decisions and actions that these individuals take are in accordance with the legal aspects of public-sector management, and serve to benefit the public at large. In addition, another benefit of bureaucratic discretion to public-sector management, is also based on the fact that most government officials have had expert training in the areas of public-sector management ...