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Tips for Managing a Hospital

You are the Manager/CEO of a hospital and you convinced the Board to proceed with hiring three physicians as employees. describing what three type of physician specialists you would hire and why. What are the legal parameters to consider, how would you establish compensation guarantees, what productivity standards and referral expectations would you consider, where would these physicians practices be located, and any other operational/administrative issues to discuss?

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As the CEO of a hospital, I would convince the board to proceed with hiring three physicians that would be most helpful in the facilitation of the daily operating procedures of this hospital, as well as provide the most efficient, effective, and high quality, care to our patients. The first physician that I would hire would be a cardiologist, due to the fact that heart disease is the leading killer of Americans, and there will be an increasing number of patients that would be admitted to our hospital due to the complications that are caused by heart disease. So it is imperative that we have an adequate amount of highly trained professionals that can address these very serious health issues. In addition, cardiologists can also inform our patients about preventative measures that can be helpful in preventing increasing negative health affects, as well as to alert family members of lifestyle changes that they can make in order to help to prevent this disease from affecting them as well.

I would also hire an anesthesiologist, due to the ...