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    American Civil War

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    Factors of Industrialization: Post-Civil War

    Which of the following factors influenced industrialization of the West after the Civil War? How did that factor influence industry, society, lifestyles, or the economy? a. Railroads b. Electricity c. Free Enterprise d. Natural Resources (land, minerals, timber, and oil) e. Immigration

    Examining the Civil War

    I need some help getting started on my "Examining the Civil War Paper." Explain the origins, legacy, and significance of the Civil War. Include the following in the paper: a. The significance of slavery in the economic, social, and political development of 18th- and 19th-century America b. Why a democratic nation fa

    Changes the Civil War Introduced

    Discuss the changes the Civil War brought to civilian society in both the North and the South. Demonstrate how the Civil War particularly affected women.

    Causes of the Civil War

    The causes of the Civil War are many and complex. Describe what you consider to be the two most important factors and how these factors ultimately led to the war. Use specific examples.

    Tennessee in the Civil War

    Why was Tennessee so important to both sides during the Civil War? Explain the contributions of Tennesseans to the war effort (both sides). Describe one battle that took place in Tennessee during the Civil War and what impact it had. What effect did the Civil War have on Tennessee life and economy?

    Cold War, Civil Right Movement, Vietnam War, 2oth Century

    1. Discuss the Cold War and its impact on our society. Include an analysis of Arthur M. Schlesinger Jr,'s "Some Lessons from the Cold War" 2. Describe the 60s decade and in particular the Civil Rights Movement. Cite some of the mayor accomplishments of the movement and consider its successes and failures. 3. Discuss the "

    The frequency of civil war is increasing in the global system.

    The frequency of civil war is increasing in the global system. Why? Evaluate (From my reading I understand that civil war is a war between different regions within a country) I guess I need to know what are examples of cival wars in todays world and what is the cause of the increase in civil war.) Your help is greatly appr

    Post Civil War Economy

    One of the key business goals of most post-civil war business leaders was: A) To stimulate innovation through increased competition. B) To create a large consumer middle class. C) To develop a centrally planned American economy. D) To fund research on new technologies. E) To eliminate as much competition as possible.

    The American Civil War is emphasized.

    What is your insight about the Fourth Turning and the American Civil War? Fourth Turning Book is written and published in 1997 by William Strauss and Neil Howe.

    The Civil War: Second American Revolution

    I need help with the following: 1. Why is the Civil War often referred to as the Second American Revolution? Discuss at least two specific examples. (About 4 paragraphs). 2. The word freedom is often used when referring to American history. In fact, many would say this word defines our history and who we are as a peopl

    US civil war and Reconstruction

    1. Explain five consequences of the Civil War (do NOT use slavery as ended, think of long term consequences). 2. Explain three reasons why the Reconstruction might be considered a failure. 3. Explain three reasons why Reconstruction might be considered a success. 4. List by number and explain three constitutional Amendm

    US Civil War and the Abolitionists

    1. Explain five causes of the Civil War (not slavery) 2. Explain two reasons why the abolitionists were justified in freeing the slaves (do not say to free the slaves) 3. Explain two reasons why the abolitionists were NOT justified in free slaves. 4. Explain three reasons why the Civil War lasted so long. 5. Explain