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    Post-Civil War Economy

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    One of the key business goals of most post-civil war business leaders was:
    A) To stimulate innovation through increased competition.
    B) To create a large consumer middle class.
    C) To develop a centrally planned American economy.
    D) To fund research on new technologies.
    E) To eliminate as much competition as possible.

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    Answer B - After the civil war, we saw the rise of many labor unions - Largely due to the people accepted the fact that they needed work and were willing to work in huge factories owned by a single company or owner. These unions tried to protect and advance the then "working class" with the use of strikes, boycotts, etc. These factories and plants were often not selling to consumers, but to other businesses or the government itself. (Steel, cotton, etc).

    Answer D - During the war, ...

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    Understanding the goals of Post Civil War business leaders. Multiple choice example with each answer explained in detail with an explanation of the Sherman Anti-Trust Act.