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    Changes the Civil War Introduced

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    Discuss the changes the Civil War brought to civilian society in both the North and the South. Demonstrate how the Civil War particularly affected women.

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    One approach to help with essay-type questions is to provide an outline and then look at information to consider for each section. This is the approach that this response takes, which keeps within the BrainMass policy of OTAs not completing assignments or parts of assignments for students. I also attached a supporting article on the role of women in the war for other considerations. Your tentative outline might look something to the effect.

    I. Introduction (about 3 sentences introducing the topic and a purpose statement: The purpose of this paper it to...)
    II. Changes the Civil War Brought to Civilian Society
    a. Women
    b. Division of the Church (North and South) based differing on views on slavery
    c. Slaves freed, but prejudice continued.
    d. Political changes
    III. Conclusions (sum up main points in 2 or 3 sentences).

    Now let's look at some information from various sources to fill in the above outline.

    The Civil War was a key turning point in America's history. The results of the war were far greater than just the Union victory, as it affected the moral, political, and social ideologies of the United States and these changes affected every man and woman for years to come. After the Civil War was over, all was still not well. Everything that had been destroyed by the war had to be rebuilt, including the government in the South. Laws were passed to give equal rights to blacks, but blacks continued to be treated differently.

    From one source:

    The roles of women changed. During the war, they formed groups like the Sick Soldier's Relief Society and the Soldier's Aid Society. In the South and in the North too, women made bandages for the wounded and knit socks to keep the soldiers' feet warm and dry. A few, Louisa May Alcott, author of Little Women, among them, volunteered to nurse the wounded. Women worked to manufacture arms, ammunition, uniforms, and other supplies for the soldiers. Prior to its destruction, women in the Fayetteville arsenal made some 900,000 rounds of small arms munitions in 1864. People were grateful for the contributions of women in the war, and newspapers reported their ...

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    This solution discusses some of the changes the Civil War introduced, including those that affected women.