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    Sociology of Education

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    The Power of Play

    Why does resistance to including play exist in many school settings, and what role might you play as a member of the teaching team in one of these setting? Include strategies and developmentally appropriate activities that support play to meet the needs of young children in this discussion. Preschooler Settings: 1.Preschoo

    nursing theory

    Need one theory and discuss where and how it may be best applied to nursing practice. Include to selected theory, the following: Concept statement Metaparadigms Philosophies Conceptual mode.

    I need help in writing a litterature review.

    I need to write a literature review on "Why black American males high school students do poor on standardized tests".I have to cite 10 articles. Can anyone help me build the lit review

    Hidden Curriculum

    1. Provide background information on hidden curriculum. 2. Analyzing the following three factors that influence hidden curriculum. a. motivational techniques b. student learning styles c. special needs If possible I need at least four different sources from among the following categories: jou

    Constructivist learning environment

    What is a constructivist learning environment? What are the advantages and disadvantages involving the implementation of constructivist learning environments?

    Equality achievement

    "Are the goals of equality and quality of the same importance in education? Explain." a. Analyze the goals of equality and quality relative to the question. b. Respond to the following activities: 1. Provide a complete discussion of the question: compare and contrast; define; provide one exa

    Need help with paper on information literacy

    I have a paper to write and would like some ideas. Description: "Review the articles on information literacy and write a 700 - 1050 word paper critically analyzing the topic from a perspective that discusses scholarship, practice, and leadership. The paper should demonstrate the following components: a. An articulate com

    technical, emancipatory and practical curricula

    I have been asked to state where I fall on the curriculum continuum, i.e., emancipatory, practical, or technical. However, I don't have a clear understanding of either. I need an explanation of all three. Please cite sources as well.

    Educational theories

    Define /describe how to increase motivation. Explain how the two areas in which selected theory / approach contributes to education. How could it be used to enhance teaching and learning? Support your position with one example. The discussion must be constructive and reflect thoughtful application of theory.

    Education - As an Art and a Science

    I need an idea for an activity that clearly demonstrates teaching as an art and as a science. (this is not for an art and a science lesson; it is needed for an activity that represents the art as well as the science of teaching.)

    Describing Qualitative and Quantitative Research

    Describe qualitative analysis. What is it? How would you go about selecting subjects for a qualitative analysis project? What are the kinds of outcomes from qualitative analysis approaches? Provide two brief examples of qualitative analysis. Describe quantitative analysis. What is it? How would you go about selecting subjec

    Curriculum, , Learning Ideology & Curriculum Theories

    Part I: 1. Consider the the following statement: "Both attempting to define curriculum and understanding curriculum history point toward the dynamic relationship between social culture and curriculum implementation." Now, in defining Curriculum Change, Evaluation, Curriculum theories, Curriculum developers, Curriculum theorizi