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Equality and Quality Goals in Relation to Education

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"Are the goals of equality and quality of the same importance in education? Explain."

a. Analyze the goals of equality and quality relative to the question.

b. Respond to the following activities:

1. Provide a complete discussion of the question: compare and contrast; define; provide one example of each.

2. Provide a literature source for each of the compare and contrast perspectives.

3. The response to the question must demonstrate analytical thought.

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"Are the goals of equality and quality of the same importance in education? Explain."

Equality means giving and having the ability to access a quality level of educational delivery.
Ideally, all students must be able to gain a quality education, equally.
The two elements go hand in hand, otherwise, there will be the stark error of unfairness and lack of accountability.

a. Analyze the goals of equality and quality relative to the question.

Goals of Equality include: access of quality education to all students who seek education and all educators delivering education, with a conscientious responsibility towards their profession, in ...

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Essay on Analysis of Goals of Equality & Quality as they relate to Education

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