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    Sociology of Education

    Adult Education & Global Perspectives

    Examine some of the key global challenges being experienced in the field of adult education and lifelong learning as a result of globalization. Examine how developing a global perspective on trends and issues in the field of adult education helps inform your understanding of the local issues you witness in the field of adult

    Redesigning an Instructional Plan for 21st Century

    Leadership in the 21st-Century Support Systems This assignment requires you to make connections between 21st-century support systems, specifically 21st Century Professional Development components. As the emphasis is on professional development, consider prior coursework that included collaboration, self-reflection, and other

    professional learning community

    One component of the 21st Century Professional Development framework encourages sharing knowledge with fellow faculty, using face-to-face, virtual and blended communications. When we think of sharing knowledge, we often think of using professional learning communities. In several of your courses, the concept of a professional le

    Attitudes Toward Emotional Behavioral Disability

    Considering the history of students with Emotional Behavior Disabilities, how have attitudes towards children with EBD changed? What can you do as a professional to spread attitudes of acceptance and understanding among those with prejudices against (or simply miseducation about) students with EBD?

    Comparison of education theories between Malcolm Knowles and Stephen Brookfield

    I need some help getting started on this assignment. Malcolm Knowles, Stephen Brookfield, Michael Galbraith, and H. B. Long have each developed principles of effective practice. There is no evidence that one set of principles is more effective than the other. Selecting a set of principles to follow depends on what principles co

    Developing Effective Program Outcomes

    I am trying to write a program proposal (using online adult education in the assisted living industry). I have the majority of my assignment completed, but am have trouble coming up with specific program OUTCOMES (three) and learning OBJECTIVES (three). I work in the assisted living industry and I want to create an online progr

    Quantitative Educational Research Question & Analysis

    1. Present a quantitative research question that has to do with education (I.e., descriptive, correlational, or causal) and identify the attributes that would be measured. 2. Identify the appropriate statistical analysis test that should be applied to analyze prospective data (i.e., regression analysis, ANOVA, T-test, etc.)

    The Importance of Literature Reviews in Research

    Please briefly describe the primary role of Literature Review in a "quantitative" research study and the primary role of Literature Review in a "qualitative" research study. Please illustrate such roles of literature review in my quantitative question "What is the relationship between study time and ASVAB scores amongst Arm

    Nominal, Ordinal, Interval & Ratio Data & Variables: definition and referencses

    Need a little help answering the following: 1. Please describe the four primary types of data in quantitative research: nominal, ordinal, interval, and ratio. 2. Please provide a quantitative research question (preferably a question dealing with education) and identify the "variables" included in the question and the "type

    Quantitative Analysis Discussion

    I need assistance from someone who can REALLY help me understand these research concepts. I need help identifying which possible quantitative means of analysis might be considered for the research design I proposed (see below). You can and should identify more than one. Explain your rationale for choosing these means of anal

    Quantitative versus Qualitative Research

    Write a 2- to 3-page narrative essay in which you address the following items: •discuss what constitutes a research problem •compare and contrast the strengths and weaknesses of quantitative research and qualitative research Also, I have attached a matrix. 1. Please ensure I filled it out with the correct info. And pl

    Equality of Opportunity

    There is little to argue against wanting to provide a quality education for all. It is not so easy, however, to even the playing field in this country. Our nation has been struggling with issues and initiating programs to solve this problem for most of its history. Current expressions used when discussing this topic include:

    Ideas From the Older Generation

    I am supposed to interview an elder, someone at least 75 and I honestly do not know anyone that age.... I have no living relatives that age and, I am young, so I do not have any friends that age either. I need to develop some interview questions. You will use these questions to interview an elder of your choosing -- a frie

    Josselonson's Identity Theory

    Could someone please help me understand Josselson's identity theory? How does that relate to adult education? I also need assistance understanding Chickering and Reisser's identity theory. How does that relate to adult education?

    Mental Health Professional Organizations

    Discuss these 4 code of ethics and include the following questions below. ACA American Counseling association NBCC national board for certified counselors APA American psychological association . NOHS national organization for human services 1. Which mental health professional are required to adhere to these codes? 2. W

    IRB Application

    I am trying to fill out my IRB Application and I have just become more and more frustrated. I am using a survey created by survey monkey to get my surveys out to the teachers. I read that survey monkey will distribute them for me. I am using the teachers' school emails to contact them to see if they will participate. I am going

    Presumptions on socio-cultural and socio-economic backgrounds

    How much influence do you think parents' and professionals' presumptions play in their ability to support the development of children form all socio-cultural and socio-economic backgrounds and how does that directly relate to modifying classroom curricula and teacher-student interactions?

    The Gender Achievement Gap

    1. How do cultural factors and discrimination relate to inequitable learning and academic achievement opportunities for male and female learners? 2. What is a definition of gender equity (as it related to educational and educational opportunities)? 3. What are some deliberate action strategies that I can use to dismantle t

    Achieving Learning Goals

    Why is it important to identify and communicate learning goals? How may students achieve these goals differently?

    Sociological Perspectives of Current Social Problems

    1) Choose any current social problem that interests you and explain it from each of the sociological perspectives as explained in the two part presentation and the assigned article. 2) Choose any event from the 1960 Timeline under the Reading tab. Explain how you think that event influenced our lives in today's global societ

    Discuss your geography learning in school.

    How and when did you Learn Geography in School? Was your experience with geography in school effective? Connect your experience to present day National Geography Standards (http://www.studentsfriend.com/onhist/ngs.html).

    Biracial Perspectives (School Counseling)

    Using information from the article by Wright et al., describe the major issues, themes, needs, and challenges that biracial individuals face. - Identify effective interventions for biracial individuals in the workplace. - Describe how biracial individuals are similar to and different from other groups. - Describe what cur

    The Power of Play

    Why does resistance to including play exist in many school settings, and what role might you play as a member of the teaching team in one of these setting? Include strategies and developmentally appropriate activities that support play to meet the needs of young children in this discussion. Preschooler Settings: 1.Preschoo

    nursing theory

    Need one theory and discuss where and how it may be best applied to nursing practice. Include to selected theory, the following: Concept statement Metaparadigms Philosophies Conceptual mode.